Someone Cast A Spell On Me


There’s a different chill in the air, like there’s a dragon chewing mint candy and blowing at the back of my neck. Its tiny hairs prickle and stand.

Tentatively, I turn my swivel chair.


I return to my laptop with an alien feeling inside my chest. Tum tum tum tum. The letters start to move and I scratch my eyes, removing my glasses. Weird.

Out of nowhere, I hear muffled… chanting. Low-key, deep, continuous. WTF.

I can’t make out any word; the enunciation is too quiet and I’m an intruder hearing something I should not be listening to. It goes on and on until I can’t keep still any longer.Tum tum tum tum.

Finally, I gather whatever ounce, or teaspoon, of courage I can muster and follow the chanting.

Follow. Follow. Follow.

When my eyes saw what made the sound I went… FTW!

It was a guy, talking to a client on the phone, hushed, with a monotonous, creepy voice.

Fuck, man. What are you trying to do? Even the voice mail will reject the way you speak. You sound like Voldemort only if spoke through his nose. Jeez.

Run. Run away from me or I’ll hit you. I swear, I have a homicidal urge.

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