Bad Poetry Weekend #19: Wrong, Wrong, WRONG


I read the other day inspiration comes when you least expect it. I have to agree; in fact I surmised worthwhile things never come at you when you expect it.

It’s like dipping your hand on a big jar of jellybeans, getting a brown piece and thinking it’s wood flavor only to realize its chocolate truffle or maybe hazelnut brownie. Delicious.

These verses came to me while I’m bumming around in my chair, brain half-melted, then BAM. Inspiration. But I’m not saying what I have here is that yummy… I don’t eat jellybeans after all. 😉

Your Song

I am the stubborn lyric that doesn’t align in your song,
That one word that completely eludes you to complete a verse;
That uneven phrasing, refusing to fit into your organized lines,
The wrong combination of letters that rolls oddly… in your tongue.

I am the bad note you have trouble reaching,
The one you complain to your friends repeatedly over a bottle of beer;
That annoying rhythm they can’t understand or even guess,
Making you angry… and obsessed at the same time.

I am the harmony that takes you to the edge,
The one that stretches and twists your vocal chords you slur;
That frustrating beat you curse as I flicker into your consciousness,
And stay… regardless how hard you try to push it away.

I am the rough spot in your throat, a burn self-inflicted
As you try to memorize me and all the parts I let you sing;
That one wrong melody that charmed you… confusing you, hurting you,
Bringing music to your soul that have ceased to exist.

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