5 Is Pronounced Like A Sigh In Lao


This is long overdue: a blog meme from Miko that I wrote on the anniversary of her blog but got stuck in my drafts. Finally it sees light today. I haven’t edited it so some answers may be different now than then but this is how I am last September 25. I’m also happy to report that Miko and I have gone out to dinner last month and I had a grand time. 🙂

1. Five things you do (could be a ritual or routine) when you wake up in the morning: check my email, doze off again, answer messages on my phone, decide whether I want to wake up already or sleep more, and finally, force myself to be up (can take anywhere between one hour and three hours; don’t judge me).

2. Five things you constantly bring in your bag: phone, wallet, keys, tissues, and water.

3. Five things you enjoy the most: reading (and book hoarding, ugh), writing, travelling, watching cooking shows, and baking.

4. Five kinds of food that you won’t get bored eating: spaghetti, potato wedges, chocolates, ice cream, and sandwiches.

5. Five kind of junk food you can’t avoid binge-ing on: Pringles, Lays, lately I’ve been eating Magnum a lot, the sundae pie in Burger King, and more sandwiches.

6. Five fruits you love to eat: mangoes, melons, bananas, oranges, and lanzones.


7. Five favorite restaurants: There is really nothing in particular that comes to mind. I guess I like Subway, if that counts.

8. Five favorite desserts: chocolates, cakes, ice cream, cookies, and fruit; mostly I like fruit and cream.

9. Five kinds of clothes you love/prefer to wear: plain shirts, jeans, chucks, pyjamas, and sweatshirts.

10. Five things you do on your free time: nothing. 😆

11. Five things you do before you sleep: I normally just wait until I crash; before that I take a shower, surf the web, read, write journal things, and think mostly unimportant things.

12. Five things you notice on the other sex: I like intelligent men; those who read and are passionate about something. Physically, well, I appreciate someone’s eyes and smile, but if he has nothing intelligent to say, he can look like Chris Hemsworth and I wouldn’t care.

13. Five places you want to visit this year: I just want to go to Cambodia and checkout the Angkor Wat then done. I’m not sure how it’ll work though, the year is coming to a close quick.


14. Five things you can’t live without: This is a hard question. There are really only a few things one needs in order to live. I guess I like books and travelling, the internet and my phone, tea and hot showers.

15. Five places you usually go to/hangout/chill out: just indoors.

16. Five pet peeves that you have: judgmental types, know-it-alls, people who are rude and harsh, those who have no respect for others, and the egoists.

17. Five things you enjoy doing: resting, travelling, reading, writing, and eating.

18. Five things you want to do right now: I want to sleep 😆 Lately, I’m keen on meeting blog friends. I’m in love with travelling and baking. I don’t want to do much really; only enough to keep my sanity.

19. Five online sites you check/visit everyday: WP blogs, Lonely Planet, 9gag, We Heart It, and my email providers.

20. Five people you’re thinking about right now: I’m only thinking about one person.

21. Five songs on repeat on your ipod/itunes/playlist: First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes, Brand New Me by Alicia Keys, Be Honest by Jason Mraz, All These Things by Stephen Speaks, and I’d Rather be with you by Josh Radin.

22. Five important things inside your wallet: nothing remarkable, just the usual stuff.


23. Five things you wish to happen right now: I just want to be okay, you know? It’ll be cool that everyone I love are okay too. I’m transitioning right now and the dust have yet to settle but it is all good. (I’m okay now!)

24. Five things you want to have right now: more books, more competence and life skills; more cash so I can travel and more time, and possibly more patience.

25. Five movies you wanted and were able to watch this year: I can’t remember; not keen on movies really.

26. Five television series/shows that you miss watching: I’m not too crazy about TV.

27. Five people you’ve been (constantly) communicating with (in any way) recently: HAHAHA.

28. Five things you usually buy for yourself in the grocery: cereal, milk, fruits, coffee, and pasta.

29. Five things that you want to tell people right now: “Fuck off” 😆 “You’ll be alright” “The fuck do you want, man?” “Don’t kill yourself… yet” and “Thanks.”

30. Five things you need to accomplish right now/for the coming week: Not a lot going on at the moment. 😉

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