Blog Of The Year Award: Thank You

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Just when I’m thinking of closing my blog and moving on, I receive a Blog of the Year nomination from Derek. Thank you loads! You have always been generous of me. 🙂 The rules for this award can be found here.

Now who to pick for such a cool priveledge? Just kidding, I know exactly who I want to pass this onto. My picks for Blog of the Year are Elaine of Teen Idle and Maria of Frankly My Dear. Every post of these ladies I read and I find them the coolest!

Elaine’s post are honest and entertaining. She is on the road to unfolding within herself and I respect that a lot. I always root for her! Her posts on everything pop culture is also educational to me. I particularly like her TV reviews. I’m not much for TV but I do appreciate her posts so that’s saying something. I also get new music from her and sometimes she shares with me her ebooks, yay! The idea for Bad Poetry Weekend also came from her because I fell in love with her Monday Poems.

With Maria, she is such a talented photographer. Her eye for art is such a treat. Whether she takes a photo of people, flowers, food, places, or whatever else, you know it will be pretty. I’m a big fan! I also adore her other blogs, particularly the pet blog. Cats. That is all you need to know. 😆

Now if I am to pick a third nominee, I’d pick you again, Derek, because you are cool. I love reading your writing and what you have to say about mine, always. I’m not forgetting our agreement too, that whoever gets to put up a publishing house first will release the other’s writing firsthand!

Congratulations, everyone! Thank you for the lovely posts this year and many more to come next year! 🙂

22 thoughts on “Blog Of The Year Award: Thank You

  1. Thank you for always rooting for me ❤ And thank you for the kind words. But before this turns into a sappy comment, let me just tell you that you inspire me a lot and being friends with you means so much to me. Hehhhhh 😀

  2. Oo nga. Dapat lang no! Madalas, pag-open ko ng email at sinasabing may bago kang post, inuuna ko itong buksan at basahin. Interesting! Cool writings from such a tough girl. Lalu na ung 50 words, panalo!!!! 😀

  3. Glad to hear you are intending to blog again in the future PM! Thank you for the nomination ma’am; I truly appreciate it! Oh, I remember our deal too; however it takes a fair bit of green to run a publishing company, so unless I rob a bank tomorrow, may have to wait a couple of years before I can succeed with my promise. Unless of course you begin your company first.. 😀 Take care PM!

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