27 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

glow worms cave in new zealand

OMG. This was my reaction when I saw this post yesterday morning. I work in the travel industry and I try to soak in some inspiration everyday, so let’s just say I got more than I needed with these spectacular photos.

It also overwhelms me, how beautiful the world is. It’s just too pretty and too vast, and that fact also makes me feel small.

I guess sometimes we tend to get too caught up with our own selves and we feel everything revolves around us. Seeing things like this reminds me of how insignificant I truly am in the grand scheme of things. πŸ˜†

Go checkout the link and give yourself something awesome to think about today, or at least a cool new wallpaper. Hit back on the comments section too, which place on the list would you die to visit!

Now excuse me while I Google the best ways to rob a bank so I can start on my travel plans for next year…

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