WILTT #14: Let The Good Times Roll

even if you're on the right tracj you'll get run over if you just sit there

Such a long time since I last posted about the music I’m listening to! Currently, I’m enjoying the new album of Ben Rector. Honestly, I’m a big fan, have all four albums. *drool

What is your current fave song? Most of the time, what I do is rape the repeat button of a song I like until I get sick of it. Do you tend to do the same? I can’t be the only one, seriously. 😆

Here is my What I Listened To Today list. Do you know any one of them? I love the lyrics more than anything. Enjoy 🙂

WILTT #14: Let The Good Times Roll

1. Forever Like That by Ben Rector

2. When I’m With You by Ben Rector

3. A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans

4. Who You Love by John Mayer feat. Katy Perry

5. Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes

6. Real and True by Future, Miley Cyrus feat. Mr. Hudson

7. King of Anything by Sara Bareilles

8. Take Care by Drake feat. Rihanna

9. Gorilla by Bruno Mars

10. Little Bit of Everything by Keith Urban

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