The Alternative To Hanging Yourself

ear acupuncture

Last Thursday, I got an ear acupuncture treatment. It’s quite a cool experience. How many times do you get to feel every bit like  a push pin board, right?

I’m told this is good for unclogging my pipes, balancing energy by targeting stress points and particular internal organs that are related to fear, anger, and stress. My ears adorned 10 needles in total, 5 each. The first 2 aim to hit stress points, the 3rd the kidney, the 4th the liver, and the 5th the lungs.

At first, there’s a warm and heavy sensation, like something that is not supposed to be there is in fact there. Some throbbing follows and is occasionally prickly but it goes away eventually. The needles on my left ear did not hurt but the ones on my right did not feel all too good. It is left on for 30 minutes and towards the end, I got a cold sensation on my limbs and felt a bit better.

As a supplementary form of medicine, acupuncture is good for sleep, addressing post-traumatic stress disorder, and pain management. It is also recommended for those trying to quit vices or recover from them.

I have no complaints really. I say it is a very good alternative to hanging yourself.

15 thoughts on “The Alternative To Hanging Yourself

  1. I don’t know if there are acupuncture spas here somewhere in the city, but I would love to try that, however, I don’t think I can manage the needles. Please tell me they’re not painful!

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