Running For My Sanity


Metaphorically, I have been a good runner all my life. Literally, I am starting to show decent progress in the past month. I run twice a week after work in the park. Like a hamster on a wheel, I go round and round. Before I adopted the habit, I thought I won’t stand circling the path there, but I found it gives me structure. As I become stronger and build more stamina though, I imagine I’d move on from there and just go where my feet take me.

The first time I ran, I think I lasted only 15 minutes. It’s as pathetic as a cheese attempting to do a cartwheel, I know. These days, I log 4 kilometers every run in 30 minutes. It will not change the world but I’m quite happy with that. Since the past month, I’m able to sustain the habit and enjoy it. You will remember I had frequent and exacerbated asthma attacks just last year, apart from the rise of the kidney problem, so being able to run like this brings me a lot of pleasure.

Apart from the workout, I appreciate the isolation of running, how it serves as alone time, and how appropriately exhausted I get after. It is a fantastic way to release stress, to think, and also not to think. The only problem I get is I’m beginning to lose weight and it is not exactly a good thing as I don’t have a lot to lose to begin with. But over all, I’m satisfied with how this new activity is turning out for me. Les, if you are reading this, I’m sure you’ll be cheering for me.


25 thoughts on “Running For My Sanity

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  3. I’ve been walking a lot these past few days, for the same reason, it serves as a good alone time. And I really like walking in the first place so it’s a win-win. Wish I could jog too, though. But he was the one who encouraged me to and we used to jog together so I’m not seeing myself jogging for quite a while.

    Can I lose weight by walking? I’m willing to walk for like, two hours a day, if that’s enough.

    • you can lose weight by walking pero dapat brisk walking, yung tipong kasabay ng beat ng fast song. i also enjoy walking. nako bigla ko tuloy naisip ang long walks by the beach, naks!

      • I can’t brisk walk without looking like a thief, though. 😆 Pero diba, ang fun ng walking. Especially at night. I just find it really comforting. Kung hindi lang delikado sa streets ng Mandaluyong I’d be walking every night when everyone’s out and sleeping.

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