Just Blowing Off The Cobwebs

you can't just sit there and put everybody's lives ahead of yours and think it counts as love

This year, my project is to invest the fuck in myself. If I can’t be happy, healthy is good enough for me. 😆

You already know I’m spending my nights running. Yesterday, I ran the fastest at 4 mins/km. I’m like, how the fuck did that happen? Maybe it’s the new running shoes, which are expensive if I may add, my wallet’s bleeding. But to add to that routine, I visited Elorde Gym, also yesterday, which means Muay Thai classes are coming soon. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. I’ll probably train on days when I’m not running. It should be the coolest. GSP will marry me soon. :mrgreen:

Oh, have I mentioned I’m also studying Spanish? There’s no particular purpose for it really but I’m still doing it. I’m pretty proud of myself with my progress but I’m still confusing my pronouns. Good thing I have no plans of going to Spanish-speaking countries soon. But I should get my words right because you never know. 😉

What else can I say? Well I have been baking and testing recipes. The last one is Coffee Kahlua Brownies. It’s what happens when your brownie grows up and decides to be an alcoholic. The recipe is quite cool and the result even cooler. My coworkers loved it. I will post the recipe next time. If I don’t get too lazy, the plan is to make revel bars over the weekend so that should be awesome, too.

I hope everybody’s having a great week. If you want to talk or catch up, you know where to find me. Adios!

17 thoughts on “Just Blowing Off The Cobwebs

  1. You are definitely one busy lady right now. Hopefully when I finally man-up, I’ll join you run. I need to get back in shape. I’m getting all fat-up at work -_-

    • just making the most of my time, lady. i’m buying muay thai gear next week. kahapon tumakbo ako super hirap gumising kanina! 😆

  2. Oh my god, Spanish is the worst. We were forced to take 6 units of it in college and I dreaded every single moment of it. -__-

    I want to be able to honestly say to myself that I will start doing things for myself again, just for the off chance of maybe being happy. I hope I get to that stage soon. Everything’s just something to get through the day.

    Glad you’re getting by just fine, PM. 🙂

    • learning a foreign language is fun when it is not forced on you. i’m enjoying studying spanish now and maybe pick another one once i finish the course. the time will come when you will decide to pick yourself up. while it is fun to wallow, there is that one moment when you say to yourself, oh it is so dramatic. you will be fine, MFP. hey, how is the walking at night going?

      • Went to a clinic last Friday, I don’t think I’ll be allowed to sweat (or so I believe) until I get a clear go signal. Stopped for a while, I’ll continue jogging prob next week. 🙂 And I did jog! I didn’t just walk! Haaah!

        I thought Spanish would be fun, but it was a nightmare. You’re probably right, though. I would probably like it more if I wanted to learn it myself.

        • bakit hindi pwede magexercise? sa tingin ko kung course requirement ko yung spanish in college baka hindi di ako magenjoy. it’s about the pressure, i guess. good job on the jogging.

            • na foreign language? hindi ko pa alam kasi ginagawa ko pa lang yung spanish. pero ang nakapila sa activities ko, contact sport, which is muay thai nga na sisimulan ko na in a few weeks, tapos baka musical instrument naman ang next, or a series of domestic travels. basta ang mahalaga sakin may ginagawa ako.

              • Isn’t work keeping you busy enough? 😆 But you are enjoying all these things, right? Shet sana umabot ako sa ganyang stage soon. Wala talaga kong nakukuhang pleasure in doing anything, I feel like a zombie :\

                • i do my work pero outside of it, i want to have something to do, something to spend my time on. trust me, aabot ka din dito. ganyan din ako nung simula. nakatira sa ilalim ng bato. from time to time i withdraw pero as much as possible, i try to be positive and channel my energy into productivity. it takes energy din mag wallow diba so binago ko lang yung venue.

                  • I hope so. Thanks, PM. Sa totoo lang, ang hirap nga kasi nung from the start of the day may mabigat sa dibdib mo tas nandon na yun until the day ends, tas uulit kinabukasan. Gahd.

                    Let me know how Muay Thai goes (did I spell that correctly 😆 ) baka magandang activity rin yan for me :3

                    • i understand, ganyan din ako eh. pero things get better in time. alam mo na yan diba kasi dumaan ka na din dyan dati so alam mo na di ka papatayin nyan kahit na parang oo. sige, pag nagstart na magpost na lang ako. feeling ko masaya eh at masakit din sa katawan.

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