Overheard by UP LB Tabsing Kolektib, Good Show

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Funny, nostalgic, and transporting are words I’d use to describe the staging of Overheard by UP LB theater guild, Tabsing Kolektib. I watched it last night, coming all the way to Laguna from Makati. This fact alone suggests the play’s worth it.

Written by Jebboy Bagalihog and directed by Eljay Deldoc and Yuri Sta. Maria, it revolves around 4 students and explores their everyday life, from the mundane to the moving. The story is young, poppy, and local, which the audience related to very well. It was a full house btw.

Let me go through Overheard as your regular spectator. I’m no expert in watching plays here, but in terms of acting, the best part for me are the comedic bits. Even if I’m an outsider, I found the delivery really funny. The actors displayed good timing and were so natural, especially the one who played the role of the teacher.

As Overheard is set in the UP LB Campus, the costumes are apt, very casual and easy. I also liked the graphic for the wall spread on the stage. It’s a limited set up but it has been used as much as possible. The original songs are good, too. I think there were three. Meanwhile, the most realistic bit to me is the reaction of the frat man when his friend, who was the president of the frat, revealed his gender preference. The way it flowed was convincing.

The lower parts I can pick on include the bad sound mixing, little mistakes in blocking, and some dragging bits here and there that could be taken out easily, particularly in  the beginning. If I can dish out any constructive advice though, some more intensity in the roles would have been nicer. It’s something notable with the students who did Ang Nawawalang Kapatid, a Dulaang UP play, I caught last month. It’s as if they are feasting, even devouring their roles, giving them more power and leaving a better impact on the viewers. 

Still, I will remember Overheard as a good show, one that entertained me, made me laugh, and took me back to my own university days, with all the struggles lost and won. I find the efforts of the cast and crew laudable, as they do it twice in a day for consecutive days, and the biggest compliment I can ever throw is, should they come up with another play, I will be taking that long drive again and ensuring I watch it. Thank you for a lovely time last night.

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