Girl Bonding With Elaine At City Garden Suites Manila


Finally, Elaine, my favorite blog lady and I managed to catch up. We spent a night at City Garden Suites in Ermita, Manila for some good girl bonding. Funny enough, we started on the wrong foot, trooping to City Garden Suites in Makati and giving the reservation staff a bit of a headache. But miraculously, heading to the right hotel during the Friday rush hour proved painless. The ease in getting there is highly important, since Elaine and I are clueless with directions. It took the cab less than an hour to get there and only costs PHP150.

When we arrived, the staff promptly assisted us, as if they knew we got lost to begin with. Don’t let the city business hotel vibe of the lobby fool you. The people serving guests were remarkably hospitable and were very accommodating as they ushered us into our One Bedroom Suite. Instantly, Elaine and I collapsed into our 1 Queen Bed and 1 Single Bed, both with generous pillows, and chatted away. It is not difficult to get comfortable, since the room is as homey as it can get. The moment I stepped in, I forgot I was in a hotel and felt like I’m visiting Elaine’s apartment. The ambience is that nice.

The door opens to an inviting living room with a soft couch, cable TV, and DVD player. To the left is the spacious air-conditioned room, with ambient lighting, cable TV, Wi-Fi Internet access, wood furniture, parquet floor, and private bathroom. The bath is especially nice though rather small. It has a rain shower and the loveliest detail that I much appreciate: good bathroom supplies. Thank you for the soft soap. Paying attention to little details like this truly separate the good hotels from the bad ones.

city garden suites manila

I should also mention that our room has a balcony, but we only stayed at the 3rd floor so there is no grand city view to gush over. Oh, let me give you a little tip here: for a more quiet sleep, pick the rooms in the upper floors or those that are not facing the road. City Garden Suites Manila is along the busy Mabini St. in Malate. The noise can be a bit too much if you are a light sleeper.

For dinner, we head down to Café Miranda, the in-house restaurant of the hotel, located at the ground floor. It is connected to the Black Hole Music Lounge, a function room we mistook as a music bar. The Lobby Bar is opposite the restaurant where guests congregate.  Over pizza and pork steak, we had more nice conversation. See, Elaine and I have known each other for a long time and have spent many nights chatting, but this is the first time for us to do it face-to-face and City Garden Suites Manila proved to be a really good setting; in fact, it was so good we did not bother to go out of the hotel and explore Malate, a place synonymous to a vibrant nightlife.

I guess our accommodation got the better of us that staying in was too difficult to resist. You might want to consider spending time here too, if you are looking for a place in Ermita, or is planning for some good girl bonding, just like what Elaine and I did. City Garden Suites Manila is a great place to stay.

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