I Have A New Boyfriend

cat and girl push up

I see him twice, or thrice, on a good week. All day, I think of him alone, anxious to get out of work and just hang out. When we are together, my heart goes crazy – I’m so happy and I feel like exploding. But the best thing about him is he makes me want to push harder, test my limits, and simply challenge me to become a better, stronger version of my pathetic, sickly self. It is truly incredible, and never have I thought such a relationship is possible. After all this time, here I am, so much in love with… Elorde Gym. 😆

Muay Thai training is all that occupies me these last months. I spend three, four hours drilling, sweating, and pretty much hurting myself in the process of learning this discipline. I cannot be any prouder of myself. It is not like I can kill someone already, but just having the ability to hurt someone, er, I mean protect myself and have a new skill is awesome. It boosts my confidence and makes me stronger, healthier.

Every time I go for a round, I get this rush that fills me with energy. I suffer and exhaust myself to hell but it is appropriate pain. I like it. Don Domeng teases me a lot, asking who is it I am training for and planning to maul one time. My father really… he knows me so well. 😉

However, I can’t say I run as much. All my strength and cardio is spent on Muay Thai I slack big time on running. I’m not saying I’m divorcing running altogether, but right now, I’m just so in love.

And yes, I’m reduced to one of those girls whose boyfriend is the gym. Not complaining.


16 thoughts on “I Have A New Boyfriend

  1. I’m glad your new boyfriend (cough) makes you so happy PM. Seriously, you deserve happiness, and it’s nice that you have found a new paramour. On a plus side, your new boyfriend will never betray, cheat, or decide he doesn’t have time for you. Enjoy yourself Ma’am – nice to see you on the internet again. Hope your Easter celebrations were plentifully sweet.

    • thanks, derek. that’s 100% correct, this one won’t give me grief! happy easter, too. i spent my holiday on the beach. you? hey, elaine and i went out last month, she told me your name is not the real one. that true?

      • I’m glad you enjoyed yourself PM! I am swamped at the moment with thesis study, so I spent Easter cramming chocolate into my mouth whilst cramming for my next class.
        Yes, sad but true. My real name is Nicholas. Derek is my online name, you know, to keep the adoring fans away. You mean you talked about me? Either you and Elaine ran out of things to discuss, or perhaps you’re my number 1 fans? I hope you don’t feel betrayed by my false name PM. I only lied about my name Ma’am; everything else is purely me.

        • so the facebook account i added is not really your personal one? hmm… okay. yes, elaine and i have the habit of talking about common blog friends. good luck with the thesis.

          • Thank you Ma’am. That account on Facebook is my only account. I use the same name on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Google+ (which I never visit). I only use my real name on LinkedIn

  2. Naaalala ko sayo yung gym buddy ko. Ang addict niya lang sa gym. And she’s like, she’s having an O whenever she have to sweat. It’s her alternative daw sa sex.

    Naranasan ko na ring mag Muay Thai… but failed miserably to continue after 5 sessions.

    Balak ko, magpundar na lang ng gamit sa bahay tapos dun na lang magwork out :))

    I wish you the best PM 😉

    • thanks, leeyo. it’s just so much fun. i enjoy this activity to bits. i did not think i’d be able to do it and i’m incredibly surprised to last. it has helped me tremendously and i can only wish to keep going and improve.

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