A Pity. We Were Such a Good Invention

black birds flying

Yesterday, I was going through some poetry and found this beautiful piece from Yehuda Amichai. It is beautiful and broken, and painful. The words are simple enough but the impact is amazing. It breaks my heart really. What is spoken of here is one of the most alarming unfair things in the world for me.

I have this idea that love is truly simple. Love is love. It can’t get any simpler than that, right? Problem is, people have this fantastic desire to complicate everything. Because of their rules and fears, they distort what is pure and simple. What a pity.


A Pity. We Were Such a Good Invention

They amputated
Your thighs off my hips.
As far as I’m concerned
They are all surgeons. All of them.

They dismantled us
Each from the other.
As far as I’m concerned
They are all engineers. All of them.

A pity. We were such a good
And loving invention.
An aeroplane made from a man and wife.
Wings and everything.
We hovered a little above the earth.

We even flew a little.


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