I Have A Problem With Libraries

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Earlier today, I saw a photo feature on libraries in celebration of the National Library Week. I love books and my grand plan is to live on top of a book store one day, but looking at the photos on that list gave me a realization. It seems that I have a problem with libraries, particularly the order inside libraries. The shelves standing in attention, the rows of books aligned next to each other, the rules that govern the place… I can’t breathe.

Naturally, I understand the advantages of this order and how valuable it is when you are trying to arrange tons and tons of books, but I think I would rather be in a place where books are everywhere it seems a bomb hit the place – books on top of each other, on the floor, on the tables, on the stairs. I would rather be lost and out of my wits in search of a book, that I have to go through the messy piles, and maybe I’ll find more wonders than what I am originally looking for. I would rather have books mangled because of overuse, and some titles missing because they are being read by my sisters or my friends.

I don’t want silence. I want the space to be alive with people discussing the book on their hands. I want to hear passion and hate towards characters and events. I want to see people trading suggestions and I want them drinking coffee or eating something nice as they read, staining the books and marking the pages with chocolate.

Pretty much, the library that I have in my head resembles a bar room brawl… but of the best possible sort.

7 thoughts on “I Have A Problem With Libraries

  1. I only entered the library twice in college. first to get a library card during my first year. and last to get a library clearance as a requirement for graduation.

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