Did You Know A Good Baked Potato Can Make You Weep? No.


Do you know how a good baked potato, in all its humble deliciousness, can make you weep and beg for more? That is not the kind of baked potato I had while waiting for the French film, Situation amoureuse : C’est compliqué, to begin at the theater last Friday, with my friend, Mon.

What I had was probably the most depressing baked potato in the history of all baked potatoes, and definitely the most depressing piece of food I have ever put in my mouth. Instead of buttery, creamy, and salty goodness, it felt like eating the shavings of a pencil eraser that some evil person mixed with chalk dust, or like eating the sole of your shoe, that someone forgot outside the door, for two days.

Oh man, I am so angry. It is baked potato, and cheese, and bacon. How. The. Fuck. Do. You. Mess. That. Up? Jeez. I mean, REALLY?!

Finally, to make it worst, I was eating that lump of unhappiness next to this lady munching on a doughnut. For fuck’s sake…

Now I know what disappointment tastes like.

12 thoughts on “Did You Know A Good Baked Potato Can Make You Weep? No.

  1. I don’t understand how anyone can screw up baked potatoes. It has to be one of the simplest joys of life, and to have it ruined for you… I really sympathize. 😦

    • there is truly no possible explanation. a most depressing experience. and to go through that sitting beside doughnut lady… wth.

    • what cannot be more delightful than that potato? it was bland and uninspiring and if i was depressed while eating it, i might’ve committed suicide by now, so thank god.

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