The Spectrum of Emotions Expressed In The Word ‘Fuck’ Is Astounding

im so fucking happy i could shit rainbows

I just want to pull a quick one here, everyone. I’m at work, and can I just say I totally love, love, love it when someone passes by my pod and says “Fuck” to himself or herself.

The number of ways I have heard it said is phenomenal:

It can be a whispered “Fuck…”

Or maybe a sharp and snappy one, filled with rage and frustration “Fuck!”

Sometimes it is said slow and low “Fuuucckkk.”

And so on and so on.

Saying “Fuck” can mean a million things, you know?  The spectrum of emotions encapsulated in this one word is astounding. It can be one of the most poignant, at the same time exuberant, words out there. Really, I’m blown away.

One person can use it because he has tasted an incredible piece of cake, but another can say the same thing after her cat peed on her and it ran out the door and got hit by a car and so the cat is now dead. I’m sure you know what I mean.

For today my advice is this: if you haven’t used the word “Fuck” yet, you still have time. Make it count and tell me how it went. Adios Bichachos.


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