I Have Done Things


Hello, everybody! It has been awhile, but I am still alive and have not died yet. Sorry if the litter box has gathered a bit of cobwebs lately. It is raining outside and the weather is a bit cold and dreary and I thought it would be nice to catch up to feed off each other’s sunshine, you agree?


What can I tell you? I am sure I have done things since the last time we spoke…

Oh right. A couple of Fridays ago, we watched my friend’s play included in the 10th Virgin Labfest at the CCP. It was fantastic! The play was called Ang Goldfish ni Prof. Dimaandal, written by Eljay Deldoc. The humor was great and the actors totally nailed the performance. The play was so good it will be staged again next year, how do you like that? If you failed to catch it this year, do not miss it next year. Do not fail yourself.

We also got the chance to catch a boxing fight at the Elorde Boxing Gym in Paranaque. Let me tell you, it is a whole new world when you watch this stuff live. We were at ringside and I am just cringing and grimacing at the exchanges of punches. This was my first time to watch a boxing match live, but earlier this year I was able to go to ONE FC Rise of Heroes in MOA – with free tickets from the boys of Dojo Drifter. Thanks again!

Additionally, my apartment has never looked better. I moved a month ago, have I mentioned that? The place was completely empty and I had to furnish it with everything I need. It is coming along nicely and is close to completion. My upstairs need serious work but it should not be too much of a problem. Right now, the entire thing makes me smile when I look at it and that is the most important thing.

What else? I think that is it for now. What have you guys been up to lately? Message me if anyone want to catch up soon, okay? Great day, everyone!

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