Bad Poetry Weekend #20: Intelligible Lies, Unintelligible Truths


i will always choose you first It has been an eternity since the last episode of Bad Poetry Weekend, and I regret to inform you that it has returned. Let us just hope this time it will be so bad, it is almost good. Give a listen to this song while reading this, won’t you?

The Words I Would Say

I want to tell you
that you bring a real smile to my face
that when you take me in your arms I feel like nothing in my past can hurt me
that I am whole, and capable of having a happy future, with you.

I want to tell you
that I wish to spend a forever together, even if that is a long time
that I know I can’t do many things that please you but I will try for you, because of you
because you are hope
because you are inspiration to build something worthwhile, out of what is left of me.

I want to tell you
that our demons can spend the entire day dancing together, and even through the night
that you clearly belong with me
for we are perfect together
for we are exactly different and entirely the same.

I want to tell you
that I will infinitely miss you when the eventual day comes
that I will look for you wherever I end up, and maybe even tear up once in awhile thinking of you
but not because you are gone
but because I knew I had you for a time and I know you wanted to be with me in all of those times, too.

I want to tell you
that one day the courage to say these things will come to me
that you will know all my secrets and all of the truths I tried to hide, both beautiful and awful
especially how I gave you all that was left of me
especially how I meant to love you.

But now I can’t.

8 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #20: Intelligible Lies, Unintelligible Truths

  1. Wow PM! Feels as though you really emptied a portion of your heart into this piece.
    The flow of the poem, alongside the repetition is brilliantly conceived. Many of the images ‘our demons can spend the entire day dancing together’, take a negative idea and introduce a positive spin, which gives the poem this rich sense of hopeful happiness. The concluding line however is a surprise that I should have seen coming, for the poem itself is a confession of wishful heartfelt thinking, rather than an articulation of what would eventuate.
    Exceptional use of line schemes PM. This is a very emotionally poignant poem which seems painfully honest.
    I’m wondering if there will be any bad poetry weekend sequels in the works?

    • thank you for reading. this is a joy i almost forgot, how sharing a work and letting it flow through another person’s mind and thus make him feel is always a lovely experience.

      i was thinking about the movie lost in translation in this one. have you seen that one? idk if there will be anymore bad poetry weekends, but there will always be weekends for sure, and the trouble with writing these is once you roll one out it can be hard to stop.

      • I agree that sharing work with others can be very gratifying. No, I haven’t seen Lost in Translation. Well, as long as there are weekends, maybe there will be more poetry; like you said, it is difficult to stop when you begin. Thanks for sharing PM!

        • thank you. lost in translation is about two unhappy people who fortuitously found each other in japan, as well as everything they thought they lost in each other, but the end of their trip also ended their affair. tragic really but it is the story of almost everyone. they say they want love and happiness but when it stares them in the face only a few have the courage to grab it, damn everything else.

          • I agree with you PM. We all want some kind of companionship, and when the opportunity arises seldom few take the plunge. Maybe some realize that love is not what they were after; maybe some have relished in lonesomeness for so long it is all they enjoy anymore. I’ll consider putting the film on my ‘to watch’ list PM.

            • yes, it can be quite unfortunate when you consider the possibilities but oh well, courage won’t be a virtue if everyone had it. go and see it. apart from the story, the way the film is made is interesting. i am certain you will pick up on that, too.

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