Zalora Review: Online Shopping Philippines

As you all know, my lazy ass only allows me to do so little things. Obviously, online shopping comes to me naturally. I know a lot of women have the energy of a Titan when it comes to going out and shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, and more, but not me. The more I can do while being static, the better.

Now I know there are many out there reluctant to try online shopping, primarily because of fear that their item will not be delivered, thus their money down the drain by their own hand, or of fear that their item will be delivered but it looks lightyears better on the website. So far, all of my purchases online have reached me, usually these are from online shops on Facebook and my purchases range from clothes, organic wax, necklaces, and more, but it’s been cool though there are times when I end up disappointed because the picture looked better.

Anyway, a week ago, I tried shopping at Zalora Philippines. I was taking to LJ on Skype then as I browse the online catalog for lovely flats. Β I learned of Zalora from a commercial on Lifestyle Network, I think. But I’ve also seen ads on Facebook. The selection they have is nice and comprehensive plus the tools they have at the website to make shopping easier are helpful, like buttons to sort by price range, color, brand, sizes, and subcategories for whatever it is you’re looking for. It makes shopping a whole lot easier, plus there are photos on different angles for their products and there’s a zoom feature so you can check out the details.

The first thing I liked is a pair of strappy sandals but my size is out so I proceed to getting my original purpose for Zalora, which is a pair of black flats. The one I picked has little perforated detail on the sides with a small ribbon on top. I had to think about the size because the last thing I want is to spend money on shoes I can’t wear, but after certain conversions I found that it’s still the same size 9 so no problem.

I made the purchase at Zalora via PayPal and the same night I received the tracking number for my item’s delivery. However, next day, when I tracked it via Xend’s website, I learned the shipment is on hold but it has been sorted out easily, particularly because the staff from Zalora gave me a call themselves to straighten the delivery. If you’re wondering what the matter was, it’s just that I live in the middle of nowhere. They use Xend and LBC but the couriers that only reach my place are JRS and Air 21, bless them.

A day after, I got my purchase and I’m very well pleased. In fact, I wore it yesterday already. So if you’re thinking about online shopping, I know a lot are interested but are not that sold on the idea yet, you can try Zalora Philippines. Their service is alright and I’m a satisfied customer. I hope this post helps you make up your mind, okay? Happy shopping! πŸ™‚

Photos taken from here and here.


55 thoughts on “Zalora Review: Online Shopping Philippines

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  2. Can I shop on Zalora without a credit card? kasi i paid thru Paypal tapos ipoprocess pa lang daw yung order kasi hindi ko pa nasusubmit yung necessary documents (valid id, photocopy of credit card).

  3. di ako mahilig mag buy ng items online, but this zalora ad was flying every page im opening, so out of kabwisitan nag try aq sa kanila (lol) and i had a good experience with them. cash on delivery lagi ang pinipili kong payment terms (taga caloocan ako), i bouhgt 2 pairs of crocs 1 blue, 1 black… and ok din ung delivery nila, kasi if ngaun aq nag order, ideliver nila ung items by tomorrow ng tanghali or hapon… if im not mistaken sa paranaque ang warehouse nila…

  4. had a terrible experience… will never ever order from them again… ordered something mali yun item, they can’t replace it na daw but wanted me to buy something else na lang, aasked for a refund, refunded my card but not for the amount they charged me, called them but insisted they credited the right amount, i gave up and just paid the remainder of the charge… sobrang hassle,,,

  5. you just need to make a follow up on your order. I emailed them today pero walang response. So I decided to call their hotlline #. May sumagot naman and they told me na hindi daw nakasabay sa delivery yung items ko. So probably tomorrow ko pa marereceive yung item. Sana madeliver na nga nila on time. :\

  6. Daphne is right. They gave me 24 hours to settle my payment at wala pang 24 hours ngpa follow up na sila nasaan na ang payment ko, I followed the procedure paid them within the time frame given and now it’s been 3 days and no response.

  7. I ordered “Flat Orla” (flat shoes) last November at price 2k+. Few weeks later I saw the price doubled. On the page you will see ” At your door 7-14 days”. A month have passed I contacted Zalora and they gave me updates and told me that the product was hold in the customs and couldn’t be delivered. They gave me an option to gave me store credit or full refund. Why is the product still selling if Zalora can’t deliver it? They just wasted my time!

    • Manloloko naman yang Zalora na yan! kunwari magpapalit ng item. Bumili ako ng damit para sa dog ko. Pagkadeliver sakin nakita ko sobrang laki so ibinalik ko agad sa box then nag email ako para ipapalit ng ibang size. Nagpaasa lang sila na papalitan. Tapos antagal ng reply nila. Nagcall ako sa customer service sabi tatawagan ako naghintay ako sa wala. Tapos biglang sasabihin na hindi nila papalitan dahil naisuot na daw at may cut. Panu magkakaron ng cut eh nilagay ko nga ulit agad sa box pagkakita ko. Manloloko talga sila!!! Ibinalik sa akin yung item at hindi pinalitan. Worst!! Pagkabalik sakin may cut na sya at amoy aso na! Eh ni hindi ko nga pinasuot sa aso yun!! Mga manloloko sana ishare nyo ito sa mga kilala at relatives nyo para di sila mabiktima ng Zalora na yan!!

      • parehas tau nabwisit tlga ko jan sa ZALORA na yan….umorder ako ng bags then nkita ko nklagay ONLY 1 ITEMS STOCK….tpos itinawag ko at pinaverify ko sa operator nila if may isa pa ngang stock kc bka ndi lng updated ung website nila…then sbi skn nung operator “yes sir upon checking available pa po sya sa warehouse may isa pa po” tpos sbi ko naman oorder nko and i click ko na daw ung BUY NOW….tapos nun naghintay ako ng almost 3 days kahit may lakad sna ako kinancel ko pra lang abangan ang delivery ng pesteng zalora na yan!!! tapos ndi naman dumating…nagtaka ako at tumawag nko sknila at tinatanong ko kung bkit wala padin ung inorder ko..ABA! akalain mo bigla ba namang sabihin na sorry daw kasi out of stock na daw pala un…BULLSHIT!! naghintay ako ng 3 days at umaasa pla sa wala….ndi man lang ako tinawag or tinxt sa celfone number ko na nka-indicate naman sa account ko….nagalit tlga ako at talagang pinagalitan ko ung babaeng operator na nkausap ko!!! mga walangya yan!!! kinancel ko mga lakad ko for the sake of that item na iniexpect ko na idedeliver skn!!! lesson learn skn na wag nalang umorder online…mas maganda pa talaga na sa mall kna bumili at mapapasayo agad ung items….kaya ung gustong umorder sa ZALORA think 1000 times!!!!!!

  8. well this christmas wala man lang christmas sale, ngearly christmas sale lang haaay may working coupons pb kayo jan? Pa share naman πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas

  9. not true… bagal kaya ng delivery nila…2 weeks na wala pa yung item ko.. hindi ako naninilawa dyan…ang hirap pa makpag usap sa customer service nila.

  10. takot ako dating mag online shopping kasi nga nakakatakot na mawala ng parang bula ang pera mo.. pero dito sa japan kasi, napaka efficient ng mga online shops.. lalo na ang amazon at rakuten.. at may option pa na COD kaya panalo… baka nagtataka ka kung ano binibili ko, mostly computer games at laruan… kung anong laruan yun, yung pambata… <– daming paliwanag…

  11. i was just browsing/shopping online and putting items in my cart two nights ago. then decided that i really don’t need all those items i have in my cart. that’s the beauty of online shopping. you can get to your senses before you hand out your credit card πŸ™‚

    • true! for me what i do is avoid looking at the catalogs when i know i’m really not in need of anything. but when i do it is a very convenient way to get what i need particularly because i live in the land of far, far away.

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