What Girlfriends Should Do

Yesterday was a call for celebration.

My Man had been working so hard on his circuits project and defense day finally came, it was yesterday, and what do you know all his painstaking labor was worth it when he earned a 1.25! Congratulations Babe.

We met up at lunch time and we thought we should celebrate his success on his project, and what better way to celebrate than a lovely dessert.

I'm a proud Babe

I'm a proud Babe

Since we were at the mall, we decided to visit the arcade on the second floor. When we were younger, we used to frequent it because we do love to play those arcade games. It was a lot of fun to be there again after a long while. Guess growing up can damage even the most enjoying relationships! LOL.

That's my Babe shooting hoops the way tall guys always do

That's my Babe shooting hoops the way tall guys always do

He did not beat the high score though. LOL

He did not beat the high score though. LOL

It’s funny because looking back, I realized sinceΒ  half a decade ago, we are still the same people to this day, well at least the good parts are still the same. LOL.

One secret is this: we really do try the hardest to be supportive and involved in each other’s life even outside of the relationship that through it all, we make sure we are still also the best of friends. I mean, I really do not understand a lot about circuits, or on-line and arcade games, but I try, and I am lucky because in the end I find it enjoyable too.

Before I post this, we were again together working on yet another project of his. This time it was a design for a traffic light system. It was really hard work! Especially for me who did not have any clue about traffic lights, hell I do not even know how to drive! But it turned out right, we were able to come up with the correct explanation for the design he made, well at least I hope what we did was correct. LOL

Now if only a lot of girlfriends were cooler than average, I bet this world will be a happier place. LOL

36 thoughts on “What Girlfriends Should Do

  1. wow
    sarap naman ng ice cream
    may natira ba para sakin?

    congrats nga pala sa man mo na mahilig mag arcade

    somehow man + arcade = boy (pa din)

    • it is a manifestation of being a kid at heart isn’t it? i think it’s cute and i am actually fine with it. i enjoy it a lot too btw so why not LOL

    • it does pay, especially when things get rough you can always have those memories to give you a sense of logic.

  2. hehe! 1.25 galing galing!

    “Now if only a lot of girlfriends were cooler than average, I bet this world will be a happier place. LOL”

    pano yan, i dont want a cooler than average girlfriend! hehe.

    • well that is of course your choice if you want the normal boyfriend-girlfriend-love-hate relationship. i’m just trying to make the world a better place LOL.

  3. Sweet naman. I bet your Babe feels he’s the luckiest guy around coz he’s got you.

    Kagutom naman yung brownies with ice cream toppings πŸ™‚

  4. I agree with you… Sa isang relationship eh kelangan talaga na makaintindihan kayo… kung anu hilig ng isa eh kahit papaano eh alamin mo kase kung hindi eh lagi kayong mag aaway… ganyan din kami ni bf eh… hindi din ako mahilig sa video games… marunong lang ako magpindot pero nde ko naman alam kung tama… hahaha… pero katulad sa iyo… in the end eh nag eenjoy din naman ako… kahit lagi nya akong talo sa mga games 😐

    parang sarap ng dessert… sa greenwich lang yan? kanu kaya yan? πŸ˜€

    yngat! =)

  5. WOW!! naka 1.25 ang lovidude mo no!! hay naku alam mo may point ka! kung supportive lang ba ang mga nagmamahalan ngayon, magkakaroon ng pagbabago sa mundong ito!! hehe!! at least di ba?? congrats!!

  6. If I were to design a traffic light system, I would use all the colors of the rainbow. It would probably be needlessly confusing and cause lots of fatal accidents, but at least it would be pretty.

  7. Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
    will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
    Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

    • LOL it’s just brownie ala mode from greenwich. unfortunately there aren’t many great dessert places here where i live.

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