The Result of the 2010 Nursing Board Exam

I still remember my go at the national licensure exam for nurses. Everything that can go wrong practically did – except for the flunking, I was relieved I aced it with one take, and all I am left with are the  crazy stories that manifested my near nervous breakdown!

Now it is the time for my sister to take it, and I am pretty confident that she would do the best with it too. She would be taking it on Holy Angel University and we are pretty excited. I know she prepared. She studied way more than I have and I am so proud of her come what may.

Of course we are praying very hard! I wish you could pray for us too. We are counting for this result to be positive. Keeping our fingers crossed!

18 thoughts on “The Result of the 2010 Nursing Board Exam

    • we have congratulated her loads before the day, pressure much! LOL but it is over and we are just praying for a positive result! thank you!

  1. i am making a prayer for your sister. but it sounds like she has studied hard and she won’t need divine intervention to pass her nursing studies.
    and she has *you* to look up to. you paved the way, pm.

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