Don’t Marry Me, Seriously

There is this song:

My sisters like it, and some of my friends do too. On the other hand, I find it, I don’t know, totally uninteresting, even revolting on some days.

I have not even listened to it entirely nor watched the music video though.Β I like Train, don’t get me wrong. It is just… the song.

Recently, I have discovered that I have a personal bias against marriage proposals. Maybe it was the marriage proposal blog that I have to maintain for work. I found that I have developed an allergy with marriage proposals. It is just one of those things, you know?

It has something to do with failed marriages and broken relationships, or at least the perfect ones in denial.

Point is, it is the men who ask their girlfriends to marry them, right? Nobody forced them to, at least in ideal conditions, to pop the question.

But, how many times do you hear married men complain about their marriages and wish they were single? How much more cheat and have affairs with other women and hurt their wives?

And now you have to wonder who said “Marry Me” in the first place.

Great, right?

21 thoughts on “Don’t Marry Me, Seriously

  1. ang gusto ko yung kay bruno mars na “Marry You”. hahahahaha.

    kasi gusto ko mag marrrryyyy one dayyy! HAHAHAHA. okay na lahat eh. prepared na. groom na lang. hahahahaha.

    anyway. may point ka. yung mga married men na nagrereklamo. oh well.

    this is tina of πŸ˜‰ (Im just logged in to my wordpress account) hehe.

    • usually yan nga yung problema eh, groom yung huling nakukuha, πŸ˜† nakita ko na yung marry you, sa facebook. nakita lang, hindi ko pinakinggan, πŸ˜†

  2. nyahaha
    parang ako ang sumlat ng post na ito, ah

    i like train at yun save me, san francisco cd nila
    but this song
    ah, eh
    no comment na lang

    • ako din i like that album, ibang klase yung boses nung vocalist. ako na nagsulat ng post na to para sayo baka mapagod ka eh, hehe.

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