When Your Blood Boils… Make A Beet Root Soup

My sister and I accompanied My Man to get an NBI clearance in Olongapo City yesterday. It was a normal day like anything else but on the road I started feeling a heaviness on my neck that I cannot rub off. It felt like Pot Belly, our big ball of a black dog, has nested belly up at the back of my neck.

At first I thought it may be the usual neck pains I get because of work but it won’t go away! Plus I had this bad headache to boot. I tried to shift on my seat for comfort but it did not come, instead I started to burp repeatedly. Uh-oh…

I see these signs on Mother Goose each time her blood pressure would spike and I knew then it was no ordinary headache and neck pain. It may be because of the hot, hot weather yesterday but I think I just had my first high blood pressure attack yesterday. It was awful!

I did not mention anything to My Man and my sister until we reached the NBI office. When I got down the car, I chugged an entire bottle of water and had another one to cool my neck. I was perennially low blood so this was a surprise. It got me scared for sure, knowing that I was far from home. When I got home I sure got knocked out to sleep fast and when I woke up this morning I still felt heavy.

Oh well. At least prunes have it worst.

17 thoughts on “When Your Blood Boils… Make A Beet Root Soup

  1. I am also perennially low-blood. I wasn’t aware until this that it’s possible for anemic people to have high blood pressure. I’m worried. Maybe you should go see a doctor? For both our sakes? LOL.

    • i’m anemic too! i think it is possible to have HPN even if you are anemic. maybe i will have a check up when my cousin returns, his a doctor so that waives the PF 😆

  2. When you go to get an NBI clearance, you will have a day that’s as far to normal as possible. Pag naaalala ko ang experience ko sa pagkuha ng NBI clearance, mygaaad, I still feel harassed! Chos. :p

    Rest lang muna, iwas sa chicharon 😀

    Hello PM! 🙂

    • hi ya! in fairness, hindi naman horrible ang actual pagkuha ng clearance. twice na ko nakapunta dun sa may olongapo okay naman. na high blood nga lang ako sa daan nitong last time 😆

      • hehe din naman ako nadiagnose din, nagread lang talaga ang bp ng higblood pressure – twice, whice never happened to me before. 😦

        • mother goose told me i got mine maybe because i was dehydrated and it was too hot. i really shrivel in hot weather kaya baka iyon nga. kaya pangarap ko tumira sa lugar na lagi ang ulan! woohoo!

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