5 Ridiculously Awesome Book Inscriptions

There is nothing like the smell of the pages of a new book but used books definitely have more character. Each time I see markings on a book, I just can’t stop but wonder about the previous owner and the experience of this person reading the same book before I have. All these stories, all these hands – a life of its own that the book previously had – I think it is incredible.

But what makes old books interesting is some of the inscriptions that you stumble upon accidentally. I found this awesome post about it and I wanted to share a few with you here; sure made my day:

Used Textbook:Note to the future owner: I would have burned this book but it was rediculously expensive and if I had burned it, I would not have been able to sell it to you for a moderately better price.

Threat: “Joe Fox, (Spiro) Hope you enjoy this book! Now you have a reason to see me in September – you have to return this book because I WANT IT BACK… OR ELSE I’ll give you phone calls, late at night, when you have to get up early, and have to go to the bathroom!! Have a great summer, sweetie! (talk to you COLLECT! Ha! Ha!) Love Arelene (Electra)

Descriptions does not match book: “93 Dear Brian, We have entered a new era of safe sex. May this book continue to stimulate & excite you, but remember the safest sex is always going to be with me!! I love you very much, Lea”

Apology: “He isn’t making sandwiches, you know, but I still hope you might like this, even though it’s nothing about sandwiches…. Sorry.

Non Sequitur: “For Joe, on Christmas 1978. This is the only book I know that moves as incessantly as you… With affection, Dwight P.S. I couldn’t find a Star Wars game.”

31 thoughts on “5 Ridiculously Awesome Book Inscriptions

  1. Ooooh, you gave me and idea. 🙂 I have several books, maybe I could sponsor a giveaway. And I could write on something ‘witty’ on it. And I’m gonna live forever! Haha.

  2. I like the collect call and horny message hahha! This kind of happiness can never be found in e-books. So let’s still promote printed/published books and enjoy its tangible beauty!

  3. Hahaha… I really have no plans of giving away my books, pero if ever I did, maglalagay din ako ng threat na ibalik niya agad agad pag natapos na niya.


  4. the rummage sale that we went to a few weeks ago had many old books. we bought a few of them, just because, and one has that dedication to the front that only says, to and from but was signed 1939.

    i too find the prospect of learning about the history/story of people that owned the books very exciting.

    btw, did you see the movie serendipity where the girl jotted down her number or was it her address on a used book then sold it in a used book store. the guy then had to search for it in used book stores everywhere. that was somethign.

    • wow 1939, that’s far off. i have heard of serendipity but i have not watched it. but having someone find you because of a book inscription is really interesting.

    • that’s funny. i can that one time too. i’d say i hope you enjoy this book though the main character died at the end alone in his room and no one knew until his house smelled so bad they had to check! 😛

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