Day 16: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or The Beatles Resurrection Stone Story

Alright, this post is going to be really quick because I’m so sleepy! 😆 Like I’ve mentioned in the infinity post, My Man’s birthday fell over the weekend and we hit the beach so I’m still trying to recover. Also, many thanks to those sweet blog friends who wished My Man a happy birthday!

Day 16 — I’ve just been granted the power of resurrection but I can only use it to bring back one dead celebrity. I would bring back ________ because…

Alright, so if I have the resurrection stone, I’d like to bring back John Lennon. I’m not the biggest music fan but when I read some stuff on 9gag after the Grammy’s, about people these days wondering who the hell is Paul McCartney, I thought that is just ridiculous! For sure Mr. Lennon turned on his grave! I don’t know which one has it worse though, the dead one or the live one!

But WTF right, shit happens sometimes. 😆

Photo taken from here.


16 thoughts on “Day 16: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or The Beatles Resurrection Stone Story

  1. My goodness, the photo distracted me so much ahahaha 😀 John Lennon is definitely a legendary music icon but I guess kahit na you’re legendary and all, there will come a time na makakalimutan at makakalimutan ka nga tao, which is just sad. (worst case, if they really don’t bother to know you at all)

    PS.- what is this 9gag thing? I’ve been seeing it on my twitter feed but I never checked it out. sucker me :l

    • check out it is a fun site but i warn you it can get you totally hooked and it wastes a lot of time 😆 i agree with your thoughts regarding legends. siguro kaya legend ang tawag sa kanila 😆

  2. I’d love for you to bring back John Lennon (I’m not going to use my resurrection on him but I’d sure like to meet him) – I bet he’d have a lot to say about how things have changed!

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