An Invitation To A Friday Night Virtual Potluck For Blog Friends

In the grand tradition of Mr. Baker’s virtual nude dinner parties, I’ve decided to throw a virtual pot luck dinner between blog friends to celebrate years and years of good blog friendship, and more important, the passing of the pre-apocalyptic monsoon rains that hit the country (kind of annoying it doesn’t have a name we can all curse, isn’t it?).

Since this is a potluck, all invited guests are expected to contribute to this Friday night dinner. As your host, I pick to take care of the soup, as it is probably my favorite part of any meal – yes, more than the main course and even dessert, most of the time. How about some good and hearty creamy potato soup with garlic chives and bacon? I think that should make the beginning of a lovely, lovely meal. πŸ™‚

I’d also love to bring the pasta dish – the killer spaghetti of my sister! Since this is a very special Friday night virtual potluck for blog friends, I’m certain she will not mind cooking for us. Hmm… maybe I’d throw in some oysters for appetizers too since I’ve yet to try them and I’m so curious how they will go down my throat…

For my guests, I warmly invite KG, Sheng, Miko, Honey, Potsquared, LJ, MFP, Micah, and Pat. I assign KG to bring the seafood course, Sheng the vegetable course, Miko the meat course, Honey and Potsquared the side dishes, LJ and MFP the desserts, Micah the fruit, and Pat the drinks. Wow, it should be an amazing dinner, don’t you think so too? Even if I gain five pounds off this night, I don’ think I’d mind. πŸ˜€

You can wear whatever you want for our virtual potluck and just chime in the comments section what you intend to bring. Fingers crossed, my first ever dinner hosting gig becomes a success. Cheers to all of you wonderful people, and to my other blog friends, better get ready for the next party! Have a great weekend!

Photos taken from here and here.

49 thoughts on “An Invitation To A Friday Night Virtual Potluck For Blog Friends

  1. ay, did i miss the party? my gosh! hu hu!

    love ko pa naman seafood. madami ako ideas! πŸ™‚

    PM, sana di virtual…sana totoo! πŸ˜‰

  2. .. uyy late ako!! sorry sorry!!! may dala akong seafood paella and mashed potato side dish.. ako na lang maghuhugas ng pinggan at tutulongmag linis.. pasensya na… huhuhu.. <— laging virtually late…

      • huwaw!!! salamat!! teka papaliwanag muna ako sa baranggay… friday night kasi ay nanood ako ng total recall.. nakipag date ako kay fafa collin.. at nakauwi na ako ng alas 12 ng madaling araw… at dahil 12 na ako nakauwi, nag on ako ng PS3 at naglaro ako ng skyrim hanggang 9.. natulog ako ng isang oras tapos naglaba na ako.. bangag pa ako ng maalala ko na kailangan ko palang kumain, tapos nagluto ako ng itlog, nasunog, kaya nagtinapay na lang ako, tapos hindi ako mapakali, kaya naglaro uli ako.. tapos habang naglalaro, biglang may pumasok na email galing sa telepono ko, may nagsabing “pot, anong petsa na!” kaya tumingin ako sa kalendaryo ko ng FHM, tapos nakita ko na last month pa pala yung calendar ko, tapos pinalitan ko ng tamang buwan, tapos nung naglaro uli ako ng skyrim, tapos nagutom ako, tapos may naalala akong virtual potluck, then ayun… hihihi.. sorry i am late.. hindi na ito mauulit.. at sana mainvite pa ulit ako…

  3. I am so glad I was invited. For desserts, I hope you guys will not mind if I will bring leche flan, its sweet, its yummy and it reminds me so much about home. πŸ™‚

    Hmm… Dresscode

    • wow, leche flan! great choice, lj. i’m glad you came and i hope you had fun. i thought this is exactly what you needed! πŸ˜€ dress code? don’t mind it, you can wear whatever you want – even nothing if you want!

  4. hello PM! first off, thank you for inviting me to your potluck dinner. Fruit eh? I think I’d bring 2 kinds of fruit. The first being my most favorite and the second one is my most hated (but loved by most people) fruit.

    So yeah, first fruit I’d bring is the green mango with bagoong. Super favorite ko yan. The more hilaw and maasim the better! I don’t settle for other kinds, only the manggang kalabaw because I believe it’s the most sour among all mangoes. Of course a good & sour mango is never complete w/o the bagoong. I like my bagoong sweet & chili. Yum! the 2nd fruit that I’ll bring is APPLE! A lot of people find it weird that I don’t like apples. Honestly, I find that weird too. Hehe. Pero ayoko talaga ng lasa at texture niya ewan ko ba. But since most people like it, I’ll bring some.

    Ang haba ng comment ko. kinarir ko ito πŸ˜‰

    • that bagoong will match beautifully with the kare-kare! great choice πŸ˜€ i know someone who does not eat apples too so you are not alone. i don’t mind though. i’d eat both of your potluck contributions. i hope you had fun!

  5. that table in the snow with candles!!! how awesomely magical looking! never have i saw a more a more inviting table…. πŸ™‚ very nice post indeed

  6. Oh Yeeeaaah! This is my first virtual potluck dinner invitation. I am so honored to be invited by nonetheless, Prinsesa! :)) Although it’s a bit hard for me since, I am tasked to bring a meat course for the parteeey. We rarely eat meat at home kasi. But hmmm, oh well let me share to everyone my mom’s special Kare-Kare. This is my mom’s specialty! Her Kare-Kare is the best because the meat is so juicy and tender, you can cut it with a fork! And her peanut sauce is to die and bagoong is to die for. Sauce at bagoong pa lang ulam na πŸ™‚

    Also, I agree with ChilledHoney’s videoke idea. A (pinoy) party wouldn’t be complete without singing, more so a videoke πŸ˜€ Let’s doooo this! Yeah, yeah, yeah :))

  7. Hihihihi!!!! Am honored to have been invited, Prinsesa! Got the car started and rushed immediately… Dont want to be late! Any prize for the early bird? (Beat you Potpot!!!! grrrr!!!!)

    You bet I will attend, here na me, asan na u ol? hihihi…. I am in my cute little mini red dress, with matching oversized black jacket…. I will let you taste my grandiose fruit salad (which by the way, the only salad I can create hihihi)… You wont forget me…. hihihi…. Can I be incharge of little games? We will have some “identity guessing” game hihihi…

    See yah at Prinsesa’s party! By the way, can I “super drag” my Prince Charming along? Hihihihi!

    • early and you are in a red mini! omg… hot! go, drag prince charming and gloat in front of us for having him. πŸ˜† can’t wait for the others so i can dig in your grandiose fruit salad! thank you for taking charge of the games, sounds fun!

      • hihihi…. hot in a mini? nope…. just in mini hihihihi….

        Wait, I have to find out if the Prince Charming has taken the train (sosyal, train na di na kabayo hihihi)… towards here or towards there… hihihi

        You will love my salad πŸ™‚ Its my specialty hmmmmmm yummmy….

        Tell me when to begin the games, I will stress out your videoke while waiting for the others to come πŸ™‚

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