Don’t We All Know The Fault In Our Stars

john green quotes labyrinth looking for alaska


Making decisions too early or too late.


Creating walls and rejecting possibilities because we choose to live in the past.


Never wanting what we have but change our minds once we lose it.


Following the rules of society at the expense of our own happiness.


Not believing in others simply because we can’t believe in ourselves.


Being unfair out of selfishness.


Fooling ourselves into saying things we don’t believe in and knowing how we feel but don’t stand up for it.


Chasing after ridiculous things for no reason; not chasing after what’s important because of fear.




Wasting our chances; not giving other people a chance.


Lying to ourselves so we feel better or worse.


Not living to the point there is nothing left to die within us.

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17 thoughts on “Don’t We All Know The Fault In Our Stars

  1. Is it any good, please let me know. I have been dying to buy John Greene’s books, only thing is, I am still not convinced they are good!

  2. This is such a true peace – raw and pure – your words perfectly articulate the situations and really hit home – if only there was some way not to become caught up in all of the negative occurrences, eh?

    • there’s no way. we’re all morons, aren’t we? i reckon life is simple. it is only our hang ups that make it complicated most times.

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