Bad Poetry Weekend #14: Why All Good Things Come To An End


There’s a line in The Picture of Dorian Gray that says only shallow love endures, for the great ones exhaust themselves in their own deep passion. I imagine it a burning fire devouring paper until nothing remains, until nothing’s left for consumption.

We’re all guilty of that one time or another, yet when we reach the end, we complain endless without realizing the fault of our hand. I guess some things are just too much; some things are just meant for a moment, particularly when it’s sensational.

Good things never last. If they did, we won’t appreciate them as they deserve, won’t we?

smoking girl

The Final Sunrise

I’m leaving.
Because it’s exhausting waiting for
Water to turn into wine.

You’ll never change. I’ll never be enough.
This is no fairy tale,
Even if I want to believe it…

Believe in you.
Believe in us.
Belief does not make anything right.

It hurts to accept it,
But I can’t live with less
Than I deserve.

I’m leaving.
I’m telling you now
For you might not even notice I’m gone.

Photos taken from here and here.

26 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #14: Why All Good Things Come To An End

  1. PM, allow me to be brutally honest with you here…this is not a good poem, nor is it a great poem. This is beautiful ma’am! To call this bad poetry would be like to call Aphrodite a hideous creature – it simply ain’t true.
    I’ve a really naughty idea – if you’re game, you and I should like totally develop an online poem together (of course, I’m only suggesting this so I can leech off your brilliance and gain all of the kudos)!

    • thank you, what a beautiful thing to say. that’s a lovely idea. we can try, but i’m not sure how my questionable abilities merge with the beauty of yours so be warned!

      • I beg your pardon PM! How dare you insult your writing! You ought to be punished if you actually believe such a ridiculous ideology (although I do appreciate the compliment, but I fear you are terribly mistaken as to think my words better than yours).
        If you do wish to create a poem together ma’am, if you want we can perhaps do it via e-mail or something? You write a line/verse, then I follow suit until the piece reaches completion?
        Purely your prerogative though.
        Also, I hope you really do not have such a small opinion of your writing ma’am. That would just be sad to think that such a talented gem believes her words to be so unremarkable to behold. πŸ˜€

        • you’re too kind, have you eaten something funny for dinner or what? another good idea, yes, email sounds good. where do i hit you up? i haven’t done this with anyone before, quite excited. salamat πŸ™‚ imagine exchanging it line per line and never knowing which direction the other will take next and before we know it the piece has taken its own form, neither mine or yours, and we’ll both be charmed. πŸ™‚

          • Okay PM! My e-mail address is:

            May I ask you a favor? You have a security thing on your blog where all comments remain unapproved until you say so. May you please not approve of this comment, you know, to make sure that my e-mail isn’t available for all to see? After all, I am trying to avoid all of my adoring fans, and if they knew where they could contact me, there would be no stopping them!
            Anyway, thank you again for agreeing with this barmy scheme of mine.
            You may start the poem if you like! What kind will it be? Free verse? Syllable scheme?
            Also, in answer to your question, I don’t think I ate something funny for dinner – I would have laughed if I had! πŸ˜€

            • i took care of your email address πŸ™‚ same email address for facebook? i’d like to add you if it’s okay? i don’t facebook much but i feel i want to be friends with you, your adoring fan you know? i may be the president of the fan club. let’s make it a free one since it’s number 1, just let it flow – if anything flows out of me that is πŸ˜† your answer to my question is spot on. i just woke up and it made me smile. thank you πŸ™‚

              • Thank you PM! Really appreciate that!
                In regards to Facebook, yes, it is the same e-mail. I don’t have many Facebook friends because I frequent the site as often as I frequent Mars – which I’ve never been to.
                Thanks for, you know, being one of my adoring fans! I’ll consider your application for the presidency of my fan club. Currently, your odds are not half bad. May have to tell all of the other people who, you know, find me so enthralling that they have some pretty stiff competition.
                Free verse is fine by me ma’am! Very groovy choice! πŸ˜€

                • so you don’t have a facebook account? i tried typing it in and didn’t find any result. or are you unsearchable like elaine? i tried to think of a start to the poem and figured maybe you should be the one to begin it. πŸ˜€

                  • It can be difficult to find me on Facebook. One way I know how – type in ” into Google and go into profiles on Facebook. The who is studying at Melbourne University and who worked at as an intern – that’s me!
                    Also, about the beginning of the poem, if you like, here is a potential beginning line – although it’s not exactly brilliant:
                    ‘unknowing is the hour writ of our chance encounter’
                    I know PM, not exactly Edgar Allen Poe, but, ? Whatever the case ma’am, if you wish to proceed, send the next line (or a better beginning line) to me via e-mail and we shall proceed! πŸ˜€

  2. “Good things never last. If they did, we won’t appreciate them as they deserve, won’t we?”
    God I missed how good this blog is. πŸ™‚ I’m back pussycat. hehehe

    • because it’s true. that line makes me think of the song let her go by passenger actually. thank you, lovely to have you back!

    • it’s true, isn’t it? our ability to willingly do ourselves in for questionable rewards is incredible then when we find ourselves into deep we grow tired and leave. oh well, don’t we all fumble through life anyway?

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