Beautiful Lights Around The World

floating lights vietnam

What is better than pretty lights? Pretty lights all around the world.

I have a thing for lights. Something in them just warm my heart. Pair that with travel and I’m floored. Here is a lovely post from Nat Geo on how lights brighten the world.

Last year, when I was in Thailand, I was able to see and light sky lanterns myself. Like a kid, I had that Disney wonder and awe that felt truly phenomenal.

Go click on the link and enjoy gazing at the lights. They are less than stars but equally beautiful. Have a nice day, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

11 thoughts on “Beautiful Lights Around The World

  1. Ung tipong relax lang ne.. Kalmadong hangin, banayad na galaw ng bangka at agos ng tubig… Magkasama kyo pero hindi kayo mag-uusap! Pero kakaibang kapayapaan ng isip at galak ng kalooban ang nararamdaman mo.. Ung tipong ihihinto mo muna ikot ng mundo! =D

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