Special Hopia, Special Siopao

To have something special, you just have to believe it’s special.

– Po’s Dad, Kung Fu Panda

I’m not the biggest movie buff, unlike my man who practically watches two or more DVDs at night before going to bed. But when I saw the trailer of Kung Fu Panda, I knew I had to watch it because… I thought the big fat Panda was so cute. But after one run of the movie, I realized it was very beautiful and carried with it so many insights that I practically watched it again, five times.

I was struck by the ‘special’ line. I figured, indeed, it is very true. I noticed how people seemed to prefer stuff over others just because it carried the word special like special hopia, or special siopao, or even special isaw [grilled intestines]. But sometimes, we often tend to look too long and hard for that special thing without realizing that we already have that special something all along.

We just have to believe that it is special.

My thoughts about this was stirred when a political student party campaigned in one of my classes. The student running for campus student council president was talking about the well-known battle cries or lines of famous universities in the metro like Animo La Salle or Arriba Letran. Then he asked what was our line in our university. There was silence because we all knew that there was none. We didn’t shout anything special during sports events against other SUCs nor do we chant anything special during events awarding against other competing schools.

It was then that he said that those other schools had a yell simply because they were proud of their school, of where they came from. They feel so special being a part of that institution that they scream its name and glorify it so much. And the reason why we do not have any yell was because we lack school spirit and pride within ourselves.

I figured he was right. Students do not feel special in the university. Maybe because we are but an SUC in the province, or maybe because it was the culture that we’ve adopted from those who came before us. But I realized it was not right. In fairness to our university, there are many things to be proud of, though far from perfect, there are still things within us that are special.

Like the nursing board top notchers that come every year, or the simple fact that we are the largest university in the province, and one of the emerging strongest SUCs in the region though we are the youngest. And I can honestly think of so many, many things to be proud of in the university.

I guess in the end, we just have to believe that we are special. That we have something special. That at the end of the day, the most important part is that we believed.

After all, to have something special, you just have to believe that it is special.


33 thoughts on “Special Hopia, Special Siopao

  1. well lahat tayo special in our on way. hindi nga lang natin siguro pansin dahil sa mas napapansin natin ang ibang tao…

    got your link sa blog ni Kengkay…
    can i add you to my list of Royalties? hehe

  2. ysrael,
    pareho pala kami ng anak mo, nag self diagnose ako matagal na ng mild autism eh. nakakatuwa yung movie ano? kapapanood ko nga lang ulit kagabi, kaya six times ko na napapanood.

  3. My son who has a mild autism always watch that Kung-fu Panda meron kasi akong supply ng pirated dvd. He was watching the movie while I was in the computer kaya napapanuod ko na rin ito almost everyday. And i believe it too, “that there was no special ingredients.”

  4. julie,
    i think that is the saddest part of it all. you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. and you can’t have it back.
    state colleges and universities. that’s how you call a public school in the tertiary level.

    ms. panda,
    panalo talaga ang movie na yun. inabangan ko din yun kaso nung palabas sa sine di ko napanood bute nagkawang gawa si my man ko binili niya ako dvd.

  5. waaaah!!!


    napanood ko na yun!

    bow talaga ako sa mubing yun…


    hindi talaga ako nagkamali ng inabangan…


    meron pang special cases ng special…


    wala lang… may masabi lang…

  6. But sometimes, we often tend to look too long and hard for that special thing without realizing that we already have that special something all along.

    -this is so true, like people always say, you don’t know what you have until you realize it when its gone (or something like it).

    By the way, what is SUC? state university/college?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Have a great week!

  7. nova-san,
    and that’s what makes the belief factor amazing. now if we can only harness it for the positive, then i’m sure we’d go places.

    i agree, plus most of the so called special ones are those which are actually crap most of the times.

  8. “Special” is such an overrated word. It is being used so liberally nowadays that you can’t tell which ones are, and which ones are just, well… crap.

  9. I’ve always thought how it was funny how a few choice words could change someone’s opinion on something. There are apartment buildings here in the city that are what I consider lower level type apartments, but on the signs outside, they are marketed as “luxury” apartments for rent. The mere putting of the word “luxury” has earned it additional rental income above neighboring apartment buildings. In reality, there is nothing “luxury” about the apartments, but people who come in to rent the apartments believe that they really are.

    The belief factor is what makes it all happen.

  10. lawstude,
    isa yan sa mga pinaka masakit na realidad ng mundo. tsk. tsk.

    ma jasmin,
    oo nga po eh. ang mamahaling kristal sa iskaparate na tinitingnan at hindi pwedeng basta hawakan at kailangan pa ng susi. haha.

    oo panoorin mo talaga maganda. hmm.. kakapromote ko ng movie dapat yata humingi na ko kumisyon sa dreamworks. lol

  11. Hmmmm—parang ito din yung sinasabi ko lagi sa inyo -Treat yourselves as “precious jewels”. “Special”, kaya nasa loob ng eskaparate at hindi madali makuha ng kahit sino. But if you want to be ordinary , madali din yun——-It’s your choice what to believe and what you want to BE.
    “What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.”
    I suggest you try to be a “special gift” to Him.

  12. “But sometimes, we often tend to look too long and hard for that special thing without realizing that we already have that special something all along.”

    I couldn’t agree more, the sad thing is, kung kailan nalaman natin na ang hinahanap natin ay nasa tabi lang natin ay di na pwede itong mapasaatin. a case of a little too late.

  13. caryn,
    kahit naman ako eh yun ang naiisip ko kasi pag special goto may itlog tsaka special puto may itlog na pula.

    oo ang galing nga eh no. ano kayang magandang ingredient ako, garlic o hazelnut kaya?

  14. i so love kung fu panda. i love panda’s. but i never expected the movie to turn out with so much “depth” in it. it’s not just cartoon. it is a deep movie. super.

    “there is no SECRET ingredient – only YOU. ”

    YOU YOU YOU. ikaw lang talaga. Shucks. two thumbs up sa movie.

  15. hahahaha! when my husband hears ‘special’ the 1st thing he imagines is ‘may itlog’ i don’t know why. hahahah!

    i hate it how some schools think they’re special because they have a ‘history’. althought they have been awarded laurels in the past, what is currently happening is more important. how do they comport themselves? how do they treat other schools? does their ‘heritage’ i.e., their ‘special-ness’ hinder them from forming cordial relationships with others? that’s something to ponder …

  16. K,
    good for you. i can’t sing. or dance. hmm… now that i’ve thought about it, i don’t think i can do anything!

    oo tama ka, magmula ngayon ang itatawag ko na sa blog ko ay special blog.

    sinabi mo pa, minsan gusto ko din tinatawag na gifted child ang sarili ko, panpalubag loob.

    how many times did you watch it? ako five times.

    thank you. napulot ko lang sa kung fu panda ang last line. napanood mo yun?

  17. I think the word special started as marketing hype – special lugaw, special goto as in mas maraming sahog kaya mas mahal 🙂 Nowadays, it is used quite liberally. Heck, you can now even say “special enemy ” if you want to hehe 🙂

  18. joyfulchicken,
    ikaw talaga may hate campaign sa mga pusa no? sa tingin ko baboy pa din yun kasi mas madali humanap ng mabibilhan ng baboy kesa sa tindahan ng karne ng pusa.

    oo nga no gusto ko yang sinabi mo, ginawa lang yun para may ordinary, tsaka para may cheap!

    oo walang problema, salamat ha.

    sobrang pina ulit-ulit ko talaga ang movie. pause at rewind ng paulit-ulit, nadoble nga yung viewing time sa kaka pause ko eh.

    napulot ko lang yun sa kung fu panda, napanood mo ba yun?

    ako din special, special siopao.

    hindi ako natawa no, nainis ako, ng sobra.

    mukang mainit ang dugo mo talaga sa mga taong iyon ah, napa ingles ka eh!

  19. we have to be proud of our origins no matter how humble it may be. your post may well be an analogy on the behavior of filipinos abroad. there are quite a number of pinoys here in england who would only say they’re “asian”, leaving the specifics to imagination. a few others, myself included, are straightforward in owning up to their citizenship. i am proud of my roots, mainly because it’s had a huge influence on what i’ve turned out to be. not all pinoys are bad. not everything in the islands is bad. last but not least, the lowly siopao is food for the soul! 😀

  20. nakakatuwa talaga yung movie na ‘yon. lalo na yung linyang.

    “yesterday is a history,
    tommorow is a mystery
    but today is a gift that’s why
    it’s called present.”

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