Master of The Universe

I was away two days ago. And I discovered I am so not a city girl. I’d die from sensory overload or maybe live but suffer psychosis similar to that some patients in the ICU get.

I went to Manila to file for my first ever nursing boards. PRC was like hell and the RP professionals were like little demons. It was very ugly.

However, I had my share of blessings. A big thanks to my rockstar cousin, Kuya [big brother] Nap, and our family friend, Kuya Jaypee. They were amazing. If you have any concern at all for me, you should also be thanking them because if not for them I’d probably be living inside the buildings of PRC for a week. They were not only my companions but they were also my nanny, checkers, and fixers, plus Kuya Nap was a great financer.

And oh, I’d also like to ask for your prayers because now I definitely, most desperately need to pass the coming nursing exams. For one, I am deeply motivated now to start my reviews because I certainly do not want ever to have a repeat appearance in the middle of the PRC unbelivable lines, and two my Kuya Nap and Kuya Jaypee already celebrated the results of my boards.

After we finished at the PRC, we went to MOA to have lunch, late afternoon. We settled at the Congo Grill and I ate lunch and they drank buckets and buckets of light beer. I thought it was because we were already celebrating Kuya Nap’s approaching birthday, but he said we were celebrating ther esults of the boards – and the results were high mind you, so I desperately need your prayers okay? LOL.

Even when the thought of PRC was very sour in my mind, that day had its fun times too. These are some of the lines that probably made my day.

KUYA JAYPEE: Magpagawa kaya tayo ng diploma dito sa Recto? Kahit nursing lang ulit, sa magandang school. [Let’s have a fake diploma in nursing made, one from a good school.]

ME: Dapat pang doctor na lang yung ipagawa natin. [Maybe we should have a fake medicine diploma made.]

KUYA NAP: Ayoko non. Gusto ko Diploma ng Master of The Universe. Pwede ba yun? [I don’t want that. I want a Diploma in Master of The Universe. Is that possible?]

ME: [laughing] Sino naman pipirma ng Master of The Universe? [Who will sign the diploma in Master of The Universe?]

KUYA NAP: Ewan ko, gusto ko ng ganun. Sa tagal mo kasi sa pila namemorize na namin yung mga courses na available sa balckboard. Ang dami palang pwedeng imaster. Ako gusto ko Master of The Universe. [I don’t know, but I want one. You were so long in that line we’ve memorized all the available courses posted on the blackboard. I never thought there were so many courses you can get a master’s degree from. But I want a Master of The Universe title.]

KUYA JAYPEE: Meron palang course na Unknown! [I never knew there was such a course called Unknown!]

ME: Ano naman yun? [What’s that?]

KUYA NAP: Yun siguro yung pang Master of The Universe. [Maybe that’s the Master of The Universe course.]

ME: Wala namang ganun eh! [There’s no such thing!]

KUYA NAP: Meron. Nakalagay nga dun eh. 00000 yung course code. [There is. 00000 is the course code.]

Tips on how to choose and make a successful business By Kuya Nap

1. It should fall on your line of interest.

2. You should have a vast and thourough knowledge of the ins and outs of it.

3. You should be passionate about it.

Based on these criteria, he figured out what business he wanted to start: a beer house.

I have many pictures with regards to the activities that happened this day but I am too lazy to find where my USB cable is so I still cannot transfer the pictures from my phone to the laptop. Maybe I can post them next time.

For now, this is the only picture I can post:

This is my Kuya Nap

This is my Kuya Nap

So maybe you have a good idea how much I hate his chicks.

41 thoughts on “Master of The Universe

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  2. rheiboy17,
    yun na yung masteral. lol.

    oo nga eh basta hindi na talaga ko babalik dun waaaaaaa!

    obnoxious queer,

    gusto ko yung pep squad ng NBA. MU? mutual understanding of the universe.

    salamt, salamat.

    meron na kong motivation. ayoko na bumalik dun.

    thank you for the kind words. i love your blog too! the dresses are just awesome!

    salamat po!

  3. goodluck sa exams..

    padala ang pep squad habang nageexam ka! echoz…

    master of the universe.. is short MU… mutual understanding.. of what??


  4. goodluck, kaya mo yan. tama ka, dapat meron kang motivation na iniisip para lalo kang sipagin magreview. isipin mo na sa susunod mong balik sa prc, ay para kunin na ang lisensya at hindi para magfile ulit ng application for exam. hehehe.

  5. jean,
    cute talaga yan! di na siya masyadong baby 7 months na siya eh! ganun ba pano ko naman malalaman kung natanggap na yung blog ko?

    nako balak ko nga 2 weeks to go stop review na eh! lol!

  6. hahahaha. kahit sa haus ka na lang and starting today magpray ka na lang effective din naman yun. so, hope you pass! one tip. the night before matulog ka ng maaga at wag ka nang mag review. set your mood na lang for tom.

  7. hehehe..cute naman ng baby cat driver..interesting!okies e add din kita para I can keep track this site. Anyways, oo okies lng un wordpress mas maganda pa ata un wordpress kaysa blogspot ata.

  8. major tom,
    salamat. natetense na nga ako eh pambihira naman!

    wag mo kong biruin gagawin ko talaga yan!

    thank you thank you. bakit naman hindi na ano ang nangyari?

    waaaaa salamat ha. ikaw din pray kita na di ka maroad kill.

    bwisit ang PRC! oo talaga bute na lang may mga nagmamahal sakin sinamahan nila ko.
    thank you ulit kuya nap at kuya jaypee!

    oo nga siguro pwede yun. nako baka magawa nga ang diploma na yun ah?

    exciting din ba mag ka heart attack? waaaaaa….

    thank you sa pampalakas ng loob.

    thank you, thank you! pray a lot for me!

    thank you. i think the treat made me nervous! i’m not even worried prior to that! waaaaaaaaa!

    witsand nuts,
    thank you but i’m having trouble finding the drive to review! i am so lazy. i am in trouble.

    kris jasper,
    wow colleague. thanks. nahirapan pa ko iispell yung colleague.

    maybe i can bring an O2 tank there.

    miss elle,
    wow prinsesamusang, RN. i like that but it makes my name longer. but i guess that’s fine and i really, really, really want that RN.

    i added you to my links already. i clicked the PPP i was not sure if i did the right thing i just clicked and clicked. lol! i’ll keep you posted on what happened.

    eh pano kung mas ogag pala ko sa friend mo? waaaaaaa….

    hmmm… kuya nap loves the gym maybe that’s how he got that. i really don’t know and i really don’t like him having those abs, madaming chicks! weh!

    Keitaro Hanazawa,
    i was supposed to go to PRC baguio but i think kuya jaypee very well knows how it goes in PRC manila kaya dun na lang. oo naman babalik ako, iiad kita sa links ko. di ko natry yung sinigang dun. puro pulutan kasi ang order nila. pero masarap yung liempo. yum. bakit wala siyang muka? kasi nga baka madagdagan pa yung chicks niya pag pinost ko pa.

    thank you, thank you! kinakabahan ako! ipagdasal mo ko!

    bobang pinay,
    wow type mo pala ay macho man. ako eh mojacko man kasi ang type ko. master of all courses wow parang master of the universe din yun ah! lol. salamat ha, pagdasal mo ko!

  9. naks! danda ng abs ni Kuya Nap ha lol!
    hmmn sabi ng tatay ko tapos din daw ako ng master…master of all courses sa dati kong skul, sa dinami daw kasi ng kursong kinuha ko lol!

    gudlak pusa na maganda, tyak ko na sisiw lang sayo yan πŸ™‚

  10. I’ll be praying for you para maging ganap na nurse ka na. Malapit sa heart ko mga nurse kasi most of my closest friends are nurses.:)

    Pangit talaga sistema diyan sa PRC. Mas okay daw yung staff ng PRC sa Baguio.

    I miss Congo Grill. I love their sinigang.

    Bakit walang mukha si Kuya Nap? (nakikuya na rin ako.)

    Thanks for visiting my site. Balik ka ha?

  11. ayan..nice blog…naenroll mo na ba eto sa PPP? click mo nem ko tpos sa site ko click mo un banner na get paid to post..cgurado approved ka agad kc ang ganda ng laman ng blog mo prisesamusang..hehehe..tnx see yah around!

  12. Hey hun, good luck on your exams. Just study hard and I’m sure you’ll be alright =) I did that too, a friend bought me an expensive Japanese dinner to celebrate when I’ve not even taken the exams yet. But do not under estimate the power of positive thinking. So again, the very best of luck. Keep me posted.

    (And thanks for dropping by =D )

  13. wishing you all the best on your exams. kaya mo yan! πŸ˜€

    btw, baka si he-man, defender of the universe ang pwedeng pumirma nung master of the universe diploma hehe πŸ˜€

  14. I also wish you good luck on your exams. Yakang taka yan for sure. We need more nurses kasi paubos na…….

    Nways, I am also a professional and I could perfectly relate to your narration about the PRC. Every time I am in that building, I feel like I am dumb student. The entire environment is degrading. And every experience in that place sucks….sorry for the word. But it’s true…….

  15. milagro ba kamo ang need mo musang? pumunta ka ng prc ngayon tapos umikot ka ng 7 times habang nagdadasal na pumasa ka parang march of jericho nila joshua. effective yan. hehehe.

  16. Good luck on your PRC exams. It’s gonna be so tedious but you can make it. Sabi nga ng mga teachers, just persistence and determination.

    Oh, I like that title too. Master of the Universe or MoU. Maybe I see if can get to Recto for that any time.

  17. jen,
    salamat ha kailangan ko eh tamad kasi ako magaral.

    oo nga eh yun lang inaasahan ko eh, milagro. he-man ba? sabagay pang he-man naman nga siya siguro. lol.

    nako tenkyu ha, nosebleed nga ako eh.

    salamat. hindi luck ang kailangan ko eh, milagro.

  18. Oh, so you’re a future nurse! Well, good luck to you, this is such an important–and quite difficult–part of your life so please know you’re in my prayers.

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