Amidst the A(H1N1) Scare

I just caught a couple of minutes airtime of the daily evening news and I heard that there is already a confirmed case of the A(H1N1) flu in the country.

Just this morning, my Man was asking me if traveling was advisable these days because of the outbreak, and of course, because I love him I said… yes, travel is still advisable. LOL.

I am a state registered nurse but I am no expert on A(H1N1), but as I see it, this outbreak is no different from other diseases that you can acquire from everywhere. It is the common flu, only a new variant, which can be cured and can be readily prevented with good hygiene and a strong immune system.

I do not understand why mass media is driving all the world into panic. I think AIDS, or dengue hemorrhagic fever, is more lethal than A(H1N1) but the world is certainly not panic buying on condoms or mosquito nets, why so?

Consequently, I remember another incident I experienced this afternoon as I was waiting in line in a fast food chain for a little snack. It was not a very long line, I think I was the fifth person from the counter, make that four because those in front of me where lovers.

What’s funny was the fact that, at some point in the line, the girlfriend slowly turned towards the boyfriend and squeezed her head into his chest, the measure of her height against his. I thought it was supposed to be for a hug, but what do you know, I was dumbfounded when she actually turned around on purpose just to sneeze at him.

If A(H1N1) virus was around, I could’ve died on that same line because my mouth was wide as a bucket from laughing.

34 thoughts on “Amidst the A(H1N1) Scare

  1. I thought common flue killed much more than A(H1N1) in the same spam of time….and there are lots of much more lethal diseases out there…so yes, I’m with you when you ask why the World Health Organization is making such a fuss about this disease. Maybe because it’s new and we now too little about it.

    • i think WHO is just asking people to be vigilant but it is the media who portrays the flu as something else.

  2. hay naku!!!!!!!!galit akoh sa virus na yan!napurinyada ang pinaghandaan kong lakad dahil dyan..dapat pupunta akoh ng Olongapo kasama si bf, si bestfriend at ung bf nya din..plan pa namin magstay ng one night dun with my ate queen..sayang tlg!magfufudtrip pa naman akoh..pero talagang desisdo si mother na bawiin ang pagpayag nya, pano ba naman ung virus daw nasa zambales na..hmp.

  3. The difference between H1N1 and Dengue or other virus you’ve mentioned here is that it can potentially cause a Pandemic, RN. We have no natural immunity from this newly mutated virus just like the spanish influenza of 1918. That flu killed more people around the world than all the dead soldiers in the first world war.

    The only difference now and 1918 is that we are more vigilant. WE can alert whole regions and nations before the Virus reaches it shores. WE have the INTERNET to educate the people so that they can be aware of the danger and so that they need not panic. This open communication makes it easy for them to take the necessary steps to help prevent a pandemic… IF the right information is fed to them.

    You may want to read the URL I pasted below

    • i appreciate vigilance but scaring people to a heart attack is what i do not like. about the pandemic, the comparison is disturbing but helpful nonetheless. syempre ikaw ang doctor, kaya yes doc!

  4. I once sneezed in Ferdie’s face accidentally, and the expression on his face was priceless. It was a that’s-gross-but-I-love-you-so-I-can’t-be-grossed-out-with-you-besides-that-was-cute expression. Maybe the girlfriend in your story digs that, too. Haha.

  5. the difference with this flu is it is easily transmitted from animals to people. it’s a combination of swine and bird flus. and as such, the danger is that it mutates into something far more deadly.
    a careless sneeze can infect a theatre, a bus, the railing of a staircase, the table where you eat.
    that girl probably blows her nose on her bf’s shirt too.

    • i saw a report that said it is transmitted between humans? however, a lot of diseases spread this way and this fast. my point is, the media freaks people out, it’s insane.

  6. i think they’re quite scared because they seem to think that it might mutate again to another strain that wont be cured by the current medicines we have for it. plus, it spreads fast. i guess im kinda concern about it because i live near the airport. haha. 🙂 you’re right, just strong immune system and hygiene can prevent this disease from spreading. 🙂

    • even if you live near the airport i am quite sure the sight of the airport won’t give you the flu LOL just be cautious and protect yourself but no need to panic, that’s all.

  7. my cousin, also a nurse, also has the same reaction on the swine flu. it’s a virus. that’s all. mas malala ba nga daw ang bacteria. so just do the necessary precautions and you’ll be fine. no need to panic!

    • exactly the point. all the panic is not helping anybody especially in this times of crisis. however, i think viruses are more lethal than bacteria. FYI even bacteria can get infected by viruses. imagine that. LOL

  8. Hi! You know the hype and media around this problem is overwhelming and many countries are suffering from it. We had like 1.5 cases, (exaggeration:) but still, now everyone’s like, should I go to costa rica, or not. it’s like the flu is everywhere.

    But it’s not, and it is sooooo advisable to travel!

    • sometimes being misinformed is a big problem and instead of making people panic, i think the media should be better informing the people and telling them to calm down but as you know here in RP, media loves to exaggerate.

  9. You’re exactly right. H1N1 is not a lot worse than normal flu, and certainly nowhere near as deadly as the dreaded H5N1 (“bird flu”), so all the media fearmongering is quite irresponsible.

  10. It is always better to be prepared than be sorry. Here, we suffered from the SARS, and the positive thing about it is that, people now learned how to wash their hands and take personal hygiene seriously.

    Do you think our country is ready for this? How many tamiflu are reserved for billions of people? It’s scary because it affects everyone of us.

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