Potato-Marshmallow Pie

As I was going through featured news and articles on yahoo, I found an interesting one talking about eight perfect sleep-better foods, which includes non-fat popcorn, oatmeal with sliced banana, a pile of sesame seeds, a glass of wine, red bell peppers, unsweetened cheery juice, and yogurt with nuts.

I’m not sure how well those foods will go with me, after all, who wants to eat a pile of sesame seeds and red bell peppers while watching TV before going to bed right?

But I find that apart from greasy potato chips, this is what I eat before going beddy-bye:


Plus, if you buy a bag as huge as this one, it can also make a good pillow, or an eye cover. See, you cannot do that with yogurt and nuts.

Another article I deem interesting was one talking about the potato farmer’s holy grail: a new potato to be used as McDonald’s fries. Now I cannot argue with that – America’s probably got one of the highest obesity rates in the world and in one or two parallel universes.

Which reminds me of a fun time last night with my two sisters, Ched and Piapot, and my Man on our way home from the city. It was dark and raining but it was all yellow inside the car, we were almost blinded by entertainment.

Plus, the potato wedges from a local bar and grill were so superb. Yum! Oopsie, I forgot to take a picture of it! Hmmm… Then maybe we should have it again tonight.

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