Live Curious: Do Fishes Fart? Do Lions Get Cavities?

My Man can be really cute sometimes. Yesterday, just after dinner, his eyes darted to Abdul, my sister’s tiger fish, and he asked me, “Umuutot ba ang isda [Do fishes fart]?”

I laughed. I thought it was a joke, but after a few seconds, I got curious too! Well who wouldn’t? So we Googled it out and apparently, fish farts depending on how you define fart.

In terms of expelling gas after digestive processes, fishes do not fart, which is boring actually, but there are fishes who expel gas on their rear end  like the herring and the tiger shark. The herring does this to communicate, of all reasons, and the tiger shark does it for buoyancy. Nice to know! You should remember this if ever you plan on joining a game show on TV sometime. 🙂

Then I remembered another question My Man threw before, when we saw a toothpaste commercial comparing the strong teeth of a lion (or was it a tiger?)  to human’s. My Man asked me, “Nagkakacavities ba ang lion eh hindi naman sila nagtotoothbrush [Do lions get cavities even when they do not brush their teeth]?”

Again, I did know the answer to that, but Google Almighty knows and the answer is lions, wild animals in general, rarely get cavities. Tartar is a bigger problem for them because it sticks to their teeth and gums and causes abscesses. But frankly, according to the webpage I read, wild animals do not get cavities simply because they die so soon there is no time for their teeth to develop cavities! Now that simply rocks.

Now having said all this, I want to assure you that My Man is not a toddler and is perfectly of age, albeit good looking, guy. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Live Curious: Do Fishes Fart? Do Lions Get Cavities?

  1. they say cows expel methane gas when they fart 🙂

    true, animals rarely develop cavities because they have natural protection and they don’t eat sweets 🙂 the lucky ones who get dental care are those who are domesticated or live in the zoo 😉

  2. hindi ko rin alam ‘yan. now i know! ichi-check ko ‘yan pag sumali ako sa battle of the brains at digital lg quiz. lol, patay na pala ‘tong mga game show na ‘to. XD

  3. I never considered either of those questions. Good info. I may use the fish info as an icebreaker at my next function. I bet no one will know the answer, unless they read your blog. Funny.

    • it was so interesting. at first you stare dumbfounded by the question then your curiosity gets the better of you and you wonder for real! i think it’s brilliant!

  4. It’s good to know you are not robbing the cradle Princesa! Thanks for all the information on bodily functions of animals! Should I wind up on Jeopardy I will remember these facts. Funny post.

  5. pwede sila magsama ni wendy! she’s such a curious rat that sometimes, i just tell her I don’t know! that, or i tell her to google it! thank God for google! haha!

    • thank god for google indeed. when i don’t know anything being asked of me i simply say go google it out and it works every time. 🙂

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