Someone Like You

love the people who treat you right

The opposite of love is not hate, but use.

People are not convenience stores, or amusement parks. If you love someone, then love the person. If you don’t, leave the person alone.

Don’t go treating others like they do not have feelings, because they do, and it matters, even if it doesn’t to you.

Cherish the people who treat you right. Treat them right, not because for what they do, but because it is what everyone deserves. Don’t play stupid games. People get hurt. They break.

Don’t fuck with the feelings of others, just because you are not sure of yours.

3 thoughts on “Someone Like You

    • i don’t drink at all. maybe that is the problem? i’m alright, it’s what i always tell myself, at least. 😉 plus, when worse comes to worst, i can always rely on a heavy bag to keep me occupied. thanks!

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