Iloilo City Food Trip: Where To Eat, What To Bring Home

I mentioned in my Guimaras travel post that it was only a side trip to my Iloilo City rendezvous. There was really so much that happened during this trip and I think the perfect way to start retelling it is with… food!

Iloilo City is known for La Paz batchoy. The moment my foot landed on Iloilo International Airport, all I can think of is a warm bowl of La Paz batchoy. (I am a soup person. I can actually live on it. I don’t mind. This also makes me a very cost effective date :lol:)

I did a quick internet search and I found two names with the best La Paz batchoy in town: Ted’s and Deco’s. In the main city, they are everywhere! They have stalls near the roads and they are also inside malls. My Tita Janet took us to Ted’s on the mall near the provincial capitol. They serve La Paz batchoy as is or in accompaniment with a meal.

This La Paz batchoy kicks ass. I think La Paz batchoy is Iloilo City on a bowl. It totally rocks and there is no way your Lucky Me cup can ever compare. It is hearty, full, and warm. It kind of makes me think about a noodle soup that Mother Goose would make herself if we lived in Iloilo. The broth has a very distinct taste. It was as if all the ingredients thrown in the pot lined up perfectly straight to create a flavor unique to it. Too bad I cannot take this home!

My next favorite thing on a plate in Iloilo is this buko (coconut) pie from a town called Oton. We had it for dinner before we left and it was the combination of all good things about a dessert. It is creamy, it is light, it melts in your mouth! Sorry Laguna buko pie, but you are no match! I was really full already that night but one bite of this and I knew I had to squeeze in another slice!

The last meal I had in Iloilo is from Perri Todd’s on the way to the airport. The cool thing about this joint is that you get awesome value for your money. If you are totally in love with burgers, this is the place to be. All you need is to order one burger and a whole group can eat it! They serve giant burgers sliced into four pieces. I cannot even finish one slice because it was so big! Β I think one huge burger is only Php 150. There are also many varieties to choose from like bacon, sauteed onions, and mushroom and cheese.

If you are looking for pasalubong (treats to bring home), there is only one place to go to: Biscocho Haus. While waiting for boarding I swear everyone that I saw on the airport on my way home had a box or two from Biscocho Haus. It changed the way I looked at hard bread. I honestly did not buy a lot of biscocho because I was not a big fan of bread sticks but these were really awesome. They do not just melt in your mouth, they burst in your mouth and take you for a whole spin. You can also get awesome butterscotch from them. Biscocho Haus is definitely two thumbs up for me. I can now say I am a true biscocho fan!

Special thanks to Tita Janet, Tito Totek, Tita Nancy, Manong Port, Lola Conching and family.

11 thoughts on “Iloilo City Food Trip: Where To Eat, What To Bring Home

    • parang piaya, meron din sa iloilo pero mas masarap daw yung from bacolod πŸ™‚ my tita sent us some home pero hindi ko natikman, sayang!

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    • true, they do not try rip you off so it’s cool. butterscotch tastes nice pero hindi ako kumain ng isang buong piece feeling ko it has 500 calories πŸ˜†

  2. “(I am a soup person. I can actually live on it. I don’t mind. This also makes me a very cost effective date)” HAHAHA. Good job kay Babe mo!

    Mukhang sulit dun sa Perri Todd’s and ang sushal ng pangalan, parang brand ng mamahaling sapatos.

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