PM’s Fork: Ikabud

Don Domeng and Chicken Pi at Ikabud

Home-styled cooking is my kind of food (though I cannot cook to save my life :lol:) and this is what Ikabud at Marquee Mall, Angeles City offers. Sometimes all it takes to stir your taste buds is a home cooked slapping – something no amount of fancy food can ever replace!

Ikabud is just a little restaurant at the corner of the mall along the same line as Itallianis and TGIF but if you are looking for big servings on an affordable budget, this is the place to be. It is not over the top stellar food but it is good food that can satisfy you, particularly when you are craving for the comforts of home.

Try their crab and corn soup, grilled liempo [pork belly], lechon kawali [deep fried crispy pork, not sure if it’s belly too], and sizzling tofu and you are sure to get your tummy full and happy. Their sisig is alright too (a delicacy of Angeles actually) but I personally prefer my sisig creamy and theirs is your typical pulutan grub so not much for me there! The place is not also big on desserts but since it is on a mall, no big problems there, right? 😀

But I like Ikabud: their laid back interiors and family style food is perfectly up my alley. I have eaten their twice already and I know for sure I will go back and back again to enjoy the warmth and coziness Ikabud serves plenty.

PS. Tomorrow is the last day for entries for my 4th year blog anniversary contest. Good luck everyone! 🙂

25 thoughts on “PM’s Fork: Ikabud

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  3. Forgive me PM! The link is working now and you can see your menu. I manually input the links and spelled Prinsesa with a ‘c’ again. I’m too stupid but I’m a huge Prince fan. Perhaps that has something to do with my brain farts. I hope you weren’t offended and come back to see your meal. I’m glad that no one had a problem with the nudity!

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