Catharsis: What I Wanted To Say

People are truly interesting. We say things we don’t mean and we don’t say things we should’ve said. Of course, we have reasons for doing so and of course, there is an endless debate whether or not what we choose to do helps or not.

This is 1 of 20 things I want and don’t want to say at the same time. This post is inspired by LM Pataki. The idea: List 20 things you want to say to certain people but you know you never will. Don’t say who they are. I’d post the next 10 some time soon.

1. I never showed up because I’m scared. But one day I will and it will be a blast.

2. You are not God.

3. Our friendship has taken a backseat and I’m sorry. You are a good friend but I associate you with so much difficulty that has happened in the past and until I fully recover from that experience, I’m afraid I will have to maintain the distance.

4. I hope you know what you are doing. It amazes me how much conviction you have to stand your ground. I’m not taking sides but I cannot see how you will win in this one.

5. One day, you will realize how wrong you are and when you do, it is my fervent prayer that it is not too late.

6. Two things: seeing you makes me feel like gravity is shifting and you are as coward as I am so we are even.

7. I know you did not mean it but it sucks, really. I might need a brain liposuction machine just to forget about it.

8. I am battling with myself and exercising all the restraint I am capable of so I won’t hate you – all of you – but so far I am on the losing end.

9. It might sound off but I always wonder when you two will die.

10. I absolutely feel stupid for having very strong negative feelings for you.

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28 thoughts on “Catharsis: What I Wanted To Say

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  2. Thanks. I thought this exercise was interesting and asked the question of myself on my blog. The way my mind answered kind of surprised me. I began with a lot of “I” statements.

    • of course it will be a lot of i-statements, since these are your hidden thoughts. i forgot most of these already as it has been 2 years, but i sure remember how fun and helpful this experience was. i’m glad you also had the chance to do it and i hope you felt better after, too.

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  4. You sound so well-grounded, after reading this post I admire you a lot. I’ve felt some of those things before too. You’re brave to write it!

  5. I can so relate with the “I am battling with myself and exercising all the restraint I am capable of so I won’t hate you – all of you – but so far I am on the losing end.”

    I think I will create my own version of this. hahaha…. 🙂

    Mukhang madami kang nabinbin na post ha. hahaha!

    • go for it lj! oo nga eh, but the event was fun. it is nice to have new experiences even in blogging. i’m thinking of putting up back to back food posts. everyone loves food posts right? 😀

  6. I have that one friend who reminds me of things I’d rather not remember when I see her. I also avoid her like the plague. And we used to be really good friends. Owell.

    I’m excited to see the next ones! Tuwang tuwa ako dun sa number 9!

    • avoiding my friend makes me somewhat guilty because i think it is unfair but i really cannot do anything. i am totally with you on the oh well part. maybe i’d post the next ones next week or something. i’m glad to have seen your post about this. apir!

  7. natawa ako sa number 9! haha!

    hi PM! napadaan…suddenly found myself having time! haha! naiba na pala layout mo…medyo naligay ako! haha!

    • i’m still composing the next 10 things i want to say. i find that my head will explode if i put them down in one sitting.

    • go on, i’m interested to see how yours will turn out. it helps. i hope this will ultimately help me to be okay. i find that i am regressing lately.

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