What Is On Your Bag? A Goose, Some Paper, And Possibly Basil Leaves

Lush jungle – this is exactly what I imagine the guts of my bag to be. I’m not exactly the most kempt person in the world; sometimes I grab my bag and get surprised at how heavy it is! See my bag is like a vault. I dump things in and heaven knows when they come out. 😆

Early my blogging days, there was a circulating meme asking fellow blog friends the contents of their bag. I never got the tag but it was truly interesting to learn what blog friends carry around.

This time, I am risking finding a goose, some paper, and possibly a few basil leaves and sticking my hand inside my bag (it’s a sky blue Jansport backpack btw, slightly graying in dire need of a good washing!) to give you the dish on what is on my bag.

So *insert clanking sound here* I have my netbook and charger, my journal, a white citrus cologne, two pain reliever bottles, my vitamin C bottle, the Blackberry charger, sparkling glitter pens, a bookmark, tons and tons of scrap paper and receipts, a flashlight, a G-tec c3 (the only one I use for the journal), wallet, sanitary pads, gym clothes (clean!) and a bottle opener.

Hmm… nothing’s weird, isn’t it (or maybe that’s just the contents I want to admit :lol:)? But it’s all a mess so maybe I should tidy up more often. How about you? What is on your bag? Any cat on Ziploc?

Photo taken from here.

19 thoughts on “What Is On Your Bag? A Goose, Some Paper, And Possibly Basil Leaves

  1. .. i’ll just mention yung mga “not too common stuff” that is found in my bag as of now: nail clipper, self-stick notes, blue-colored vintage coin purse na may tatak na jollibee with bahrain fils coins, e-ticket print-outs, small padlocks and keys, tablets – imodium, buscopan, primperan, panadol, ponstan, voltaren, a pack of “joy” pop-up tissues, penlight batteries and a gift tag from an ex that dates back in 2010! 😀

    • apple? you know if there is someone i know with lots of food in her bag it’s my sister. mother goose gives her a lot of food to bring with her when she goes to school but she forgets to eat them all and they sit stuck on her bag for long!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. I’m just curious about the bottle opener. Is it really the bottle, bottle opener? or is it like part of a swiss knife? (insert cricket sound)

  3. A bottle opener isn’t weird? Haha.

    There was one time I found my employment contract sa bag. Employment contract from 2 years ago. Bag that I use almost every day. Hahahahaha.

    • that must be an awkward experience :lol:the bottle opener is from a time when i attended a friend’s baptism, well, the baptism of his kid. the bottle opener was the give away. come to think of it, it happened early this year and the bottle opener is still on my bag!

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