10 Most Delicious Things In The World

For almost 100 days already, I’ve been taking a vitamin supplement because My Man bugs me to do so to boost my health. I think it is working quite well because I gained a lot of weight I don’t get as tired as easily as before and the headaches have lessened.

The only let down is I’m always hungry – I swear it’s the vitamins. So now, I’ve been thinking about food, even after my Nan just gave me a bowl of sopas, a creamy chicken noodle soup with potatoes, cabbages, and carrots. It led to this list: Possibly the 10 Most Delicious Things in the World. Don’t puke rainbows on your keyboard, love, and no – there is no catnip on the list.

Possibly the 10 Most Delicious Things in the World

1. Hot Chocolate

2. Ketchup

3. Grilled Pork Steak

4. Siomai

5. Fresh Ripe Mangoes

6. Nutella

7. Whipped Cream

8. Deep Fried Chicken

9. Filipino-style Spaghetti

10. Potato Chips

Photo taken from here.

28 thoughts on “10 Most Delicious Things In The World

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    • hoshi, email sent na! i like champorado also. for the macaroni salad, there is a place in angeles called toll house, lahat yata ng rice meals nila may kasamang macaroni salad as side dish – masarap!

  4. .. i don’t take vitamins, maybe i’ll start taking them when i start to feel my body deteriorating, hehe.

    .. nutella is just tragically so sweet!

  5. Your list is very appealing and appetizing. I clicked the link and could not find the Filipino spaghetti. Could you tell me more about it and how to make it, please. Of course I could Google it, but I want it to come from you since you introduced it to me. Great list. I like to include mangoes in my salsa whenever I cook seafood.

    • it is sweeter than spicier compared to italian spaghetti, which can be more peppery. we call filipino style spaghetti tamis-anghang. tamis means sweet and anghang means spicy. ground pork is used instead of beef. i think the philippines is the only place where mcdonald’s serves spaghetti. everyone loves it, particularly the kids. 🙂

      • I would like to make this but I no longer eat pork. I can still make it for others and use a different meat for myself. Thank you for telling me about this

        • you don’t eat pork? what do you eat? you’re right about making it for others. i remember watching sophie dahl cooking beef and saying she does not eat meat but she has no problem cooking it. 🙂

  6. How in the world did you forget about Peanut Butter?!

    Nag crave ako bigla. Will buy a jar later. 😆

    • OMG we’d be really best friends because… you’d get to eat more peanut butter. 😆 i’m not a big fan. i do eat cashew butter occasionally though. hey, how about slathering peanut butter on chris evans’ body for some good fun? 😉

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