Kill Two Birds And Get Stoned Book Review: What Jackass?

Book number 20: Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned by K. Friedman. My reading took a backseat for the lack of titles that inspire it (any suggestions?). This book is a chance read from the book sale. I thought the title is incredible (I wish I could’ve thought of it.)

What it is: A non-writing writer gets a kick out of his conservative, orthodox, and boring non-life by two of the most “soulful, mercurial individuals” in the world, who unfortunately also have the dangerous tendency to commit petty crimes and not so petty attacks aimed towards the ass of corporate America. Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned shows you how “it’s fun to be out of control until the shit hits the fan” and how easy it is for others to take over your life, particularly when you have none at all. 😆 It is great entertainment, totally laugh out loud funny, enviously witty, all in a light and breezy package. The book shares a lot of insights on writing, living, freedom, and possibly psychosis, and challenges the readers on the relativity of right and wrong.

What I liked about it: Sometimes book characters are painted so well you forget they are fictional and totally fall head over heels. This is the kind of characterization offered by Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned. Walter Snow, Clyde Potts, and Fox Harris are so wonderfully done they breathe with so much life, color, and excitement within every page; their spirits could practically light dynamite. I particularly loved the insights of Fox – he could’ve very well been the stoned version of Master Oogway.

What I did not like about it: I picked Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned because of the review on the back that says, “He makes you fall in love with life, and just when joy and excitement flow all around you, the last five chapters get real, turn into a baseball bat, and hit you in the face. What more do you want out of a book?” This is one hell of a review but in reality, the baseball bat hit isn’t as solid as what you’d expect – a sentiment shared by other readers when I searched for other reviews online. However, Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned is still a remarkable book because of its impeccable wit and refreshing take on life. I enjoyed reading it really – goes to show you how you should never underestimate the book sale.

Recommended for: Anyone looking to be entertained, just to have a laugh, and be burned by wit along a crazy ride, with characters that make the Jackass boys look like your chastised adolescent fellows. 😆

21 thoughts on “Kill Two Birds And Get Stoned Book Review: What Jackass?

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  6. Sometimes, I also have that problem. Having good titles to read. Buti I have a lot of blogger friends who also love books. 😀

    Pretty interesting book, cant believe na sa book sale mo siya nakuha.

    I send you something on your email. wala din kasi akong copy ng catcher, hindi ko makita sa NBS. 🙂

    • the book sale i go to is pretty small. i wish it was bigger so it can hold many more books and hidden gems. i checked my email and thought there was nothing, i gave your blog a buzz, not sure if it went through, but after checking the spam folder, there it is! thans for the copy, lj. you’re awesome. 🙂

  7. I can see how this book reminded you of me. Especially when you say “possible psychosis” and having no life at all. 😆

    Hope I can find an ebook. Basahin ko over the weekend. Sana di ako ma distract. 🙂

    • yes, apollo. the adventures are mostly pranks against the ass of corporate america. it is a fun read. i think in the second link i added on the post you can read a few pages off the book. you can check it out before you download.

  8. book 20? samantalang ako asa book 3 or 4 pa lang for this year! oh…that’s telling a lot! i used to be able to to read a lot of books…. hu hu!

    • agreed, nelle. this one is really fun though it’s not that cohesive for me. i still enjoyed it, a lot actually because it’s so witty, so it’s all good.

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