10 Jobs On The Don’t Even Think About It List

I’d like to think jobs are more than clever, sometimes stupid, ways to make money. I’d like to think jobs give us purpose, something to do to make a little mark in the world. Since university graduation (and I did graduate twice), I have taken three jobs and granted I do not get fired, I have no plans to change the current one I have anytime soon.

I am the first to admit I cannot do a lot of things – I only do a little and fortunately, the little I can do is decent enough to keep me standing. I’m technically retarded and I hate uniform. Restrictions do not go well with me and my patience and attention span are awfully low. I’m not in the business of pleasing others just for the sake of it. So you can imagine how tricky it is to find the right job for me. I think I can be pretty good in the right place though, after all arrogance has to be earned. 😉

Having said that, I also have a good idea of jobs that will never work. I don’t have a complete idea of jobs that will work for me but as far as the don’t-even-think-about-it jobs are concerned, I think the list is pretty made up.

10 Jobs You’d Never See Me Do

1. CPA

2. Banker

3. Bus Driver

4. Nude Model

5. Child Care Provider

6. Butcher

7. Coal Miner

8. Singer

9. Call Center Agent

10. Mathematician

Actually, I can think of more to add to the list but let us keep it here at this moment. If you are doing any on the list, no offense and I pretty much admire you for what you do. I won’t manage even to save my life. 🙄

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50 thoughts on “10 Jobs On The Don’t Even Think About It List

  1. I think I wouldn’t have a problem with being relegated to numbers if only I pursued a course that has to do with them, but alas, the calling to write was what I chose and I am still unsure if I should regret this decision or not. hehehe.

    being around children is also something that’s second nature to me. 🙂 I can sing a little having had a few months stint with UPSA in college and one sem attending voice lessons in Abelardo Hall but I can’t see myself making this a career.

    Apart from these, I pretty much agree with you. 🙂

    • numbers really hate me. and i don’t understand math having so many problems. i have my own problems to deal with, thank you very much 😆 kids are out of my comfort zone, i just don’t know. they will be better without me for sure. wow, you can sing! cool.

      • hahaa! made me lol when I read math having so many problems. Yeah, I agree. it’s too much of a problem-maker, I don’t know why anybody would want to be associated with it. ahahaha!

        my husband is a much better singer than me. Mostly, I just sing in videokes and inside the bathroom now. haha! I used to teach a choir, too, but when I got married I had to give it up. I’m still a member of our company choir but I seldom sing with them now. Priorities have changed, I guess. 😀

        oh, I think the most I can’t be is a call-center agent as I don’t think I would be able to hold my temper if someone I don’t know starts shouting invectives at me. I really admire call center agents because they’re not just patient. I’d call them magnanimous, even.

        • my man is good with math, so at least that is an insurance for future kids to not suck at it as much as i do. idk really. wow, that’s cool! my sisters sing so well, and they play guitar. do you play any instrument? what i don’t like about the call center bit is the odd time of work and yes, dealing with impossible people who think they own your soul.

  2. If I had the body for it, I would totally love being a nude model. I haven’t given up on becoming a singer too. Pero yung Child Care provider, yan. Yan ang never kong gagawin. I hate kids. Lalo na pag di cute.

    • kids are challenging and i don’t think i can match their energy. i can’t be a nude model because i won’t be able to sit still for long. it just won’t happen.

    • because i can’t count. 😉 i don’t doubt you can be a nude model. you should consider it if ever you get tired of what you are doing right now.

  3. sa listahan mo… pinaka-possible sa akin ay no. 8. pero yung pang instrumental lang ha. hehehe

    ako rin ata maraming di kayang gawin na trabaho. bukod sa may kinalaman sa math, pari na rin yong may kinalaman sa pagluluto at pagsusukat. huhuhuhu

    • i like baking, but i still have to learn cooking. math is a hopeless case though. i don’t think i can do anything underwater too because i can’t swim.

  4. i think i can be a bus driver! haha! sabi ng mga friends ko, pag wala na daw ako talaga makuha na trabaho, mag taxi/bus driver na lang daw ako. tutal talent ko daw magdrive! haha!

    ako siguro, di ako pwede sa work that has to do with math! haha!

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