PM’s Fork: The Old Spaghetti House

Can you tell I did nothing over the weekend but eat? I hope I’m not making you too hungry but I have to tell you about this awesome place, The Old Spaghetti House. Let’s just say it made my spaghetti and meatballs dreams come true. 😀

The Look: You know that place where you would want to meet a long lost friend or maybe your best friend coming home from a stint abroad? That is the kind of warm comfort and nostalgia that the wooden and vintage interior of The Old Spaghetti House evokes. Even with the clutter of forks and spoons and the occasional laughter from the next table, you will feel right at home.

The Food: On the road to Marquee Mall, My Man and Chicken Pi were discussing what was the ‘old’ in The Old Spaghetti House. It was our first time to eat there and we really did not know what to expect. My Man said the spaghetti might be old and we better brace ourselves.

Fortunately, the ‘old’ in The Old Spaghetti House delivers as they served me the perfect plate of spaghetti, the noodles wearing the fresh, earthy, and warm sauce like a coat. The meatballs were moist, flavorful, and very tasty. My only complain was that I wished it had more cheese.

Chicken Pi has lasagna and I stole a forkful and found it was too rich and creamy. But it wasn’t salty. I don’t think a single person can eat that lasagna serving or it was too decadent. If you love lasagna and you want to try it, maybe you can split it with another to avoid the over the top sensation.

Usually, My Man and I get different plates but this time, he opted to have what I was having for he was too dehydrated to think and he was not happy with his spaghetti like me. Turns out, the boyfriend wanted his spaghetti sweet and spicy the way Filipinos cook it. I won’t argue with him but my plate still made me very happy. I’m coming back!

Chicken Pi also wanted to eat dessert, but I learned that in restaurants where desserts are not part of the specialty, it is best to just make a pass. But she wanted to try the chocolate truffle cheesecake I think and it was this slice of cake with a very dense and fudgy filling. I cannot say I loved it because it was almost overkill too. I’d rather eat the vanilla ice cream on top.

The Edge: If you want to eat good Italian style spaghetti and meatballs, go to the Old Spaghetti House and have a bite for me too!

67 thoughts on “PM’s Fork: The Old Spaghetti House

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    • i was thinking about you earlier! ang galing naman napick up mo yata ang vibes ko so you came along. i really thought tosh is a very nostalgic place. it has that aura about it.

  2. hi long time no hear. i’m back (only at worth a thousand words). i remember seeing this restaurant before in cubao and always wanted to eat there.

    my mission for years now is to eat the perfect spaghetti – not the pinoy version. so far unsuccessful kc naman each time i go to an italian resto they don’t have spag w/ meatballs, ano ba yan?

    • hi, you’re back! i love this spaghetti – really nice. the meatballs are good. i enjoyed my plate so much. 🙂 it must be frustrating going to an italian resto only to find out they don’t serve spaghetti and meatballs. how is that even legal?

  3. bilang sa kamay ang beses ng pagkain ko sa OSH. pero okay naman . ang hilig kong i-try na i-order pag ganyang klase ng resto ay pesto pasta. medyo hindi ko gusto ang timpla nila masyadong matapang. ang gusto ko kanila ay lasagna rin.

    • ganun ba, dito ako lang ang may gusto ng pesto, ayaw nila eh. okay lang siguro at least hindi nila kakalbuhin yung basil ko. 😀 hindi ko masyadong feel yung lasagna nila, para sakin it’s too rich pero si chicken pi at my man nag enjoy naman.

  4. love tosh…. The rates are relatively affordable or reasonable. I also tried their Thai bagoong pizza/pasta… except some of its appetizers are a bit oily 🙂

    • naisip ko nga next time yung pizza naman eh. ganun ba, sige iiwasan ko na lang yang mga appetizers nila. gano kalaki ang servings ng appetizers nila pala?

  5. gusto ko rin yung filipino style spaghetti, pero kapag nagluto na si kumander ng spaghetti, italian style kasi, napapakain na rin ako.. hindi pa ako nakakakain jan kahit ilang beses ko ng dinadaanan yan sa mall at sa dati kong work place… at pahabol.. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!

  6. Got a crazy story at TOSH. 2 years ago, my room mate and i went shopping at MOA and then we ate there. I ordered bolognese and my friend ordered the oriental pasta something, when they served their food there were little things moving on the side of the plate. being the big reclamador that i am, i ask the waiter what were those and they just told me that they were fruit flies. fruit flies who get attracted with the chandelier like thing on top of the table, hahaha. 😀
    gladly, the waiter took my plate and bring it to the kitchen. Did they give me another plate? Hell no, they just remove the part where it has the flies part. 😀

    I still love the food at TOSH, though. 😀

  7. ano ba ito, “long lost fried or maybe your best friend “, = long lost fried chicken or maybe your best fried chicken? hehehe. gandang pag-ngiti.

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