Sunken Ship – Choco Chip

The summer semester in the college is moving quite fast with the prelims approaching next week, while me teaching chemistry is slowly starting to grow on me – that or the massage I got yesterday was just so fabulous that it seems like I have relaxed a lot today.

I went to see a physical therapist yesterday. I could say it was good because Mother Goose paid for it, but as for the experience, it was on that fine line between pleasurable pampering and excruciating torture. LOL. My body hates me.

However, because of that I got a good sleep last night – it was like the first drop of rain after a long drought, though I still got roused for a time or so, but it was a great improvement that I welcomed very much. Plus, my thoughts are kinder to me now. I guess the initial shock of me teaching chemistry is wearing away from my system.I think I am starting to like it – that or I am starting to like my students.

I also have realized why I decided to jump at the opportunity to teach chemistryΒ  though I knew very well that it was unknown territory. Consciously or otherwise, I guess it had something to do with searching for growth in my very baby ant career as a teacher.

Let us put it this way, “unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” As my very wise friend put it, me teaching chemistry might be a mistake, but it was a great mistake. He might sound like Oprah but so far he proves to be right.

26 thoughts on “Sunken Ship – Choco Chip

  1. I can’t remember Chemistry. My God, talking about our strict Professor.

    But trying new things I believe is the main reason the same way we live now. People make many discoveries and inventions that make our lives easier, happier and longer.

    That’s why I salute those who invented blogging, FaceBook, twitter and whoever invented a cellphone?

    • LOL i join you in your salute. and i would also like to salute those who invented that cat food that makes the cat poop less stinkier. genius.

  2. “distance is nothing. It is the first step that counts”. Go girl – I’m sure you can do it πŸ™‚

    Glad to know you have shaken your bout with mini-insomnia and relieved your stress. Good luck on your teaching career πŸ™‚

    • thank you bw. i think it was my asperger’s that was the cause of my troubles initially – changes of course. i am taking things slow because it is still unknown territory but i am more peaceful now, i think LOL

    • i wish this was about real choco chips. hmmm… i think we have choco chips at the fridge. wait lang kuha lang ako brb LOL

  3. Teaching chemistry? There’s something I probably wouldn’t be able to do. Why? I never learned chemistry well enough πŸ˜›
    Good to know you’re getting used to it! That’s how it should be. You get used after a few tries. If you don’t then there’s something wrong, or with you or with what/the way you’re doing (most likely with what or the way you’re doing it).

    Being a teacher is not easy but it’s probably a profession with great personal rewards! Hope you’ll get many! πŸ™‚

    • so far i think things are falling into its proper place. sabi nga ni P, charge it to experience, come what may. but i think i am starting to stress less and that is very good news.

  4. Anong klaseng massage yung inavail mo? Shiatsu ba yan?

    Bigla ko tuloy naalala yung mga officemates ko. Mahilig magpa-massage yung mga yun. High-stress kasi trabaho namin kaya ayun, may masahistang lumilibot sa office every other day. Puwedeng magpamasahe while working. Panalo. πŸ˜€

    • wow ang bongga naman ng office nyo may rounds ng masahista LOL but i don’t think a masahista who does rounds every other day will be welcomed in our college LOL

  5. chemistry ang isa sa mga sub na kinatatakutan ko noong 3rd year pa ako, or shud i say it is the prof na kinaasaran ko kasi naman siya lang ang nakakaintindi ng tinuturo niya. kaya gud luck sa pagtuturo ng chem ^^

    • chemistry is a hard subject and that is what i am trying to do something about. the challenge is for me to simplify the lessons so that my students will get it.

  6. Hinay hinay lang kase sa trabaho!

    Don’t just go to your class to teach chemistry. Go to your class because it is your passion to teach chemistry!

    • but that is exactly the trouble ax: i am not passionate in teaching chemistry. but i am starting to feel it slowly.

  7. It’s good that you are finally feeling relaxed about it. When I fret over something, I feel like I am aging thricer as fast. And that is not good.

    I like what you said about growing. I want to venture into something unknown, yet rewarding. πŸ™‚

    • ako siguro there is a need na amgtransform ang itsura ko at mag age pag nagtuturo ako kasi muka nila akong classmate eh ang liit ko pa kaya mas nakakatawa ang itsura namin LOL. it is hard to decide to take the plunge but as i always say, jump at the cliff because you’ll never know when you’re going to grow wings!

    • hmm.. that’s a good idea. i will post a huge choco chip picture next time and i bet that would be my most famous post!

      • bakit siya nalungkot? hahaha…

        ako din, akala ko pagkain… well,..

        tama siguro yung friend mong yun…

        natatawa na lang ako sa sarili ko kapag naalala ko yung mga ginawa ko na before ko ginawa eh hindi ko pa talaga nagagawa [HUH? ANO DAW!?]… at nakakatuwa kapag, you know, naconquer ko yung fear na hindi siya gawin. at least naranasan ko yun… even if i failed or not…

        charge na lang sa experience… and let that experience be the teacher to some lessons in our life…[anong konek?..]

        kaya mo yan princess M!!!
        haay, alam mo ba? na sa mga science na dumaan sa buhay ko, chemistry ang isa sa worst na nagkaroon ako ng teacher… at hindi ko talaga siya maintindihan…

        kaya wala akong… hehe… alam na… matik na yun… parang post na yung comment ko..kaya hanggang dito na lang muna πŸ˜›

        • you know P that is good advice and if you must know, the words you keep on telling me inspire me kaya salamat!

  8. it is always nice to try something new
    step away from your comfort zone, ika nga
    para hindi tayo masanay at maging complacent

    pero there is something about doing routinary things that me make feel at ease
    yun comfort ba na alam mo na kung ano ang susunod na mangyayari at gagawin

    good luck teaching chemistry
    idol kita
    bobo ako sa chemistry, eh

    happy weekend, musang!

    • it is good but very hard lalo na sakin kasi asperger’s ako eh so trying new things is a challenge. obvious naman diba sa amount ng sleep loss ko? of course there is something comforting about routines, for one it secures you. i think my students are bright in chemistry – that or i am just going way to easy on them LOL

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