You Have Something On Your Teeth

I have a mega watt smile, for real

That is why I do not use it often.

But when I do, my eyes go out and my lips and gums occupy my face like the moon does on a total eclipse.

Sometimes I smile for no reason at all. Some people say that is a good thing, but if you look it up sometimes it is a sign of going crazy.

When I went to the DFA regional office for my passport, I was very curious when I saw a sign that said frowning is not acceptable in your passport photo, and the recommended look is the ‘Mona Lisa smile’.

I really do not know what their definition of frowning is but it seemed all of the people I saw there having their photos taken were frowning and it was acceptable.

For a moment I got really confused. Β That, or there is just another Mona Lisa that I have yet to hear of.

Mine was not so bad as a mug shot but you would not see me flaunting it in public unless I want to be ridiculed for looking like an escaped mental patient. Hmmm… now having said that made me think which is worse of the two.

Maybe one day I will hold a contest for worst passport photo ever. Then for a change, people will be excited to show off their passport photos.

Is there ever a person who looked good on a passport photo? If so, let me know.

22 thoughts on “You Have Something On Your Teeth

  1. nyahahaha
    eto na pala yon, ah
    san yun actual pix?
    wala pa passport?
    dali sunod ka san francisco!!!

    btw, wifey also has a megawatt smile

  2. i hated my previous passport picture! tapos when i got the chance to renew it… waaaa. parang ang pangit parin! haha. oh well. (

  3. ako! ako! ako!
    sa di malamang dahilan, pag naiisip ko na pasaporte sa biyahe ang litratong kinukunan sa akin, daig ko pa ang pusang nakakain ng daga sa ganda ng ngiti.
    travel. backpack. sights. sounds. smells. hmmmmm….yum.
    kaya ang ganda ko lagi sa passport photos ko.
    ang kokontra, di makakalipad palabas ng pinas. ever! *bow*

    • ah so pag nagrenew pala new photo na. basta magpractice ka na lang siguro ng poker face mo, ako ng anagpractice na hindi pa din umepekto!

  4. me! i like my pic! but that was because my passport is old, where we can choose the pic we submit. ngayon kasi diba doon ka na kukuhanan? well, let’s see when I renew my passport!

    why don’t you try pagandahan ng driver’s license? that will be a blast!

    • kung pwede magbigay ng photo sigro makakalusot din ako diyan, pag renew mo kg dun ka na kukuhanan! πŸ˜† nako hindi ako marunong magdrive kg, ayaw ako turuan ng aking babe!

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