What I Learned When Dengue Is Your Bedmate

So we are officially out of the hospital and on the road to put dengue behind us. Have I told you dengue sucks? Now any mosquito is suspect and a single one spotted brings paranoia to another level. It is scary shit so you should be careful too because you never know, you know?

Speaking of you never know, that is an important thing that I learned out of this disease. You really should not feel like an entitled prick and go about today without a care and make a mess of things, thinking that you can put them all right in the future. Do not put your hopes on tomorrow too much because you never know what happens then. It is hell important to be present.

I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at My Man on that sick bed, looking at him all blanched and peppered with rashes, and in my mind thinking this was the same guy who a few days ago sat on the dinner table with the entire family and ate plate after plate of what Mother Goose has cooked. This was the same guy who joked around with my sisters over some crazy pick up line on Twitter. This was the same guy whom I watched leave after dinner and drive home.

He was so lively, spirited, and happy and now he is ridden on a bed looking every bit like a peeled banana oxidizing against the air and bleeding through his gut. If you put one and one together, it is very hard to think he was the same guy from a few days ago… So you just never know, you know? Thank God it’s over.

All I am trying to say here is simple. Do not take anything for granted. Enjoy the simple things in life. Make the most of everyday and always pray – not for everything to be okay, but to have the strength to hold on and loved ones to hold onto, in case they don’t. I know you’ve heard of this before, but believe me, the last thing you want is for dengue to settle in before these things burn within you and leave a mark, so you just go for it and start doing what matters. So much can go wrong but WTF, ’tis just all the more reason to do things right.

PS Anyone out there having troubles commenting on blogspot domains? I’ve been trying to comment on my blog friends on blogspot but the captcha seems broken. If you’re on blogspot, I’ve been visiting you but the word verification is a bitch. Has anyone reported this to your provider?

30 thoughts on “What I Learned When Dengue Is Your Bedmate

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  5. glad it’s over. dengue is one of those illnesses that i pray would not strike anyone in our family. baka magpanic ako. (Lord, wag naman sana.*praying*)

    live each day as if it’s your last day, ika nga. kaya kahit na am having dysmenorrhea today, try ko pa ring humalakhak. πŸ˜€

    • it’s really hard kasi it’s a waiting game. nakakainis πŸ˜› nako problema ko din ang dysmenorrhea. naospital pa ko dahil diyan! take your meds bingskee and have tons of rest! πŸ™‚

  6. well said… that’s life. It’s riddle with uncertainty..let’s cherish every day we live.

    Yep – that word verification is just so crappy and a time waster. Anti spam is the only way. Also, have you been to blogs that is so messed with ads and what not, that you can’t even find the comment button ? 😦

  7. tama yan PM. when my mother died, i got a very good wake up call. we can all go in the blink of an eye. pity if were not ready. kaya nga, cliche as it sounds, we should always treat every day as if it were the last. πŸ™‚

  8. Yap, when I’m logged onto my wordpress, I cannot seem to get my msg accepted. The word veri always says wrong even if I know it’s not right. I’m glad that I have both WP and blogger, so I can opt to sign in with blogger ID.

  9. “thinking this was the same guy who a few days ago sat on the dinner table with the entire family and ate plate after plate of what Mother Goose has cooked. ”

    Natawa ako, parang line ng isang asawang gustong makipagdivorce.

    Buti di mo inadd, “But I don’t know him anymore. He breaks my heart everyday!”


    • did anybody report it to blogspot? dati nangyari na din ito eh, bummer. naks, talaga lang orange ha? i’d rather show it in other ways than a week long vacay in the hospital πŸ˜€

  10. sorry to know that your man got infected but at least, he’s out of danger now.

    that viral infection really kills innocents by mere dehydration because once the platelets in the blood goes down, blood viscosity increases =blood becomes thicker, easy to coagulate and boom!!! complications set in.

    let’s be safe always.

    • yung anak ng kaibigan ni mother goose docgelo nasa ospital pa din, sabay sila ni my man pero siya nasa ospital pa din, nag transfuse na din siya. let’s pray for the kid.

  11. ang bait bait na girlfriend mo naman. but you’re right, we shouldn’t take for granted the time we spend with our loved ones, a lot can change in an instant. πŸ™‚

    • bait bait talaga gb? πŸ˜€ basta ayoko na ng bakasyon sa ospital kahit gano pa kaganda ang suite. oo tunay yan, we never know. it sucks but we just have to roll with it. ika nga eh savor everything while the marrow still lasts. teka parang wala pa naman nagsabing iba nun ah? πŸ˜†

    • me too πŸ™‚ i guess things like this remind us of what matters most. we tend to forget them, even if they are the most basic and obvious sometimes!

  12. Aw. Good to know that he’s fine now. My brother had it too, like 4 years ago but it’s still clear to me how countless times we pray for his recovery. He came to the point that his life was almost consumed by the sickness but we never lose hope. Prayers seems to be one of our greatest help. Whenever I hear/read something similar to what he had gone through it makes me shiver, I would never wish to see any person on such condition.

    • damn, so many had been affected by dengue. i wonder what efforts are being done to solve this? i won’t wish dengue on anyone too. it is so scary.

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