Bet You Didn’t Know Preston Lacy Is French (Plus Apple Of My Ass – Must Watch!)

I have a dog, can you believe it? But really, I do. His name is Preston Lacy (from Preston Lacy of Jackass). Does he really have a surname? Yes, he has and btw, he is French. Why? Because I call him Monsieur Lacy every time.

He is a brown dog with a very interesting habit. With other dogs, if you call their name, they are likely to look at you and wag their tail and come. With Monsieur Lacy, if you call his name, he will pull his tongue out then maybe he will come to you, or not. The tongue thing really gets me every time. I think it’s psycho cute. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Bet You Didn’t Know Preston Lacy Is French (Plus Apple Of My Ass – Must Watch!)

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  2. ANG SUSHAL NG ASO MO, FRENCH SIYA K. Gusto ko sanang ayain for a play date with Pepper pero baka dumugo ilong ng anak ko. Do you give him commands in French? Hahaha

  3. wow aso, na -miss ko na rin mag-alaga ng bongga. kasio noong bata ako, as in pinaliliguan at pinapakin ko pa. ngayon halos hindi ko na makita yung mga aso namin saka wala na yung connection. huhuhu!

    ang sabi ang kiss daw sa kanila ay pagdila. ilabas mo ang dila mo na makita ni lacy, baka ilabas nya rin ang dila niya. siguro pa lang kasi baka hindi nya alam ang kiss. mukhang bata pa e, hahaha!

    • maliit pa si lacy. inaabangan ko nga lumaki eh para maipacastrate ko na siya 👿 ganun ba? hindi ko alam yun ah. mas naiintindihan ko kasi ang pusa eh.

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