Everything Changes When A Hot Guy’s Involved



I don’t watch a lot of TV. I know it’s the weirdest thing but I really don’t. Often when I flip the tube on I pay attention to commercials more than actual shows. My total daily TV time is one hour: 5PM to 6PM. It’s not because of homework, promise. I tune in to Lifestyle Network’s Everyday Italian and Barefoot Contessa and that is all there is to it really.

But like anything else in the world, everything changes when a hot guy’s involved. 😀 I pretty much stuck with American Idol last year because of Scotty McCreery and this year is no different: my TV time just got extended because of American Idol Season 11 hopefuls Phil Phillips and Colton Dixon (I can almost hear my 14 year old self scream while my quarter life crisis suffering other half cringes).

I mean, c’mon, when you see guys like these with passion that is almost electric, you got to stop and take notice. It doesn’t hurt that they are hot too. :mrgreen: I know it is a singing contest and there are the likes of Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh but I’m just a girl, what can I do?  😛 I swear it’s like being in high school. I’m half-amused, half-incredulous. Got to love it.

27 thoughts on “Everything Changes When A Hot Guy’s Involved

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  2. Oh, I can so relate to this. Hahaha!

    My life always mess up and a Hot Guy is always involved. Charaught!\

    I love Jessica though, haven’t heard the guy sings. We don’t have TV in our Boarding house kasi, o pighati! 🙂

    Talk soon.

  3. Gaya mo hindi na ako gaanong nakakapanood ng TV. ewan nakakawalan gana lang kasi rating -rating na ‘yan.

    mas guapo sa akin yung una pero mas appealing sa akin si colton dxon aba bibihira yung lalaking sweet sa kapatid.

    wahhh high school…di ko alam kung high school ako ngayon kung maka-anime pa rin ako. mas maraming cute na kabataan ngayon. hahaha

    • correct hoshi, mas manly si phil pero mas edgy si colton buti na lang hindi nila tayo nililigawan or else gulong-gulo na ang mundo natin :mrgreen: mas madami ba ngayon? ewan ko lang hindi ako nakakakita masyado.

  4. ohh…ohh..i can’t relate. hindi kasi ako mahilig manood ng tv. saka ang tv sa bahay usually nasa palabas na cartoons because of my daughter.

  5. don’t be shy, i am so much older than you but that 14-year-old girl comes out of me too every AI day.

    i love jessica and phil too. also colton. i hope they survive the voting tonite 🙂

    • for sure this is just temporary tom. i will revert back to my old theme in a few i am certain of that for some reason. 😆 the fact that this one does not show my cat and dancing pig are huge let downs but as of now i am enjoying the new look until it lasts.

    • yun lang ang pinapanood ko. i can actually watch them all day in case may downloaded copies ako pero so far wala eh puro kay jamie oliver lang.

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