Day 02: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or How To Plant Cute Cats And Kittens

I have read some of the posts of other great people who are participating in the 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare blog event and it was fun. Nice to know there are other people out there who have no Twitter accounts and no copy of The Hunger Games.  For today, the question goes:

Day 02: Not including food, blogging or television, my most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate)…

I love cute cats. They are the most adorable thing in the world. You might think this is normal but when you have close to 20 cats around the house, you might want to reconsider. It might even be considered as hoarding, if you know what I mean. But I can’t help it! I love cats and kittens. There is really no explanation for it. I just do. They are the cutest thing on the planet. How can I resist?

Thing is, cats and kittens are not exactly like dogs. Dogs I find easy to give away and other people do want them but it is another story for cats. So if others won’t care for them, then I would. The overhead can sometimes be crazy but there is nothing like the joy our cats give me each time I watch them run around and play, climb up trees, or simply knock each other out. Apart from the food there is really nothing else we need to do. They pretty much have everything covered and if we stay out of their way they reward us of their infinite cuteness so what more is there to ask for?

PS. There is also that slight quirk I have where I enjoy watching cats make brownies. 😯

29 thoughts on “Day 02: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or How To Plant Cute Cats And Kittens

  1. In all honesty, the only cats I like are the ones in cartoons. I don’t know why there’s something about them that I don’t like and I can’t put my finger on it. I like tigers, lions and panthers but not the kitty ones… gaaah….

    okay, i’m ready to be punished for saying so.. LOL

  2. hello, PM,

    meron din kami dating pusang sooobrang cute. ganyan din, mahilig matulog sa loob ng paso o kaya, sa ibabaw ng gulong (na nakakabit sa sasakyan) at saka, mahilig maglambitin sa puno, hehe. artistahin sya, bale… siya lang sa mga inalagaan naming pusa ang na-love namin ng husto, malambing kasi at papansin. ‘yong iba, pinapakain lang kasi naman, may attitude na mala-Garfield, hehe… kumusta? 🙂

  3. 20 cats – i’d say that’s definitely love 🙂

    although i can see myself adopting as much. i have 2 on my own and i’m feeding a clowder of stray cats in the neighborhood.

  4. 20 CATS! 😀

    I love cats, I really do. I’d love to have just one. Not really sure I have the time or even the room for more than one, but it seems like you’re not having any problems so good for you!

  5. Madami rin kaming pusa sa buhay. My last count nasa 12 sila. Only one is legitimate pet the rest are all ampon o yung mga nakikain lang tapos ayaw ng umalis. Some are cute, some are warfreck, merong tamad na lagi na lang nakahiga. Me mahilig magroll-over. Me shadow na laging sumusunod sau. Me noli me tangere ayaw magpahawak at meron din… hyper ikot ng ikot, takbo ng takbo at by the way meron din Pacquio sa bilis mangalmot!


    • cats are indeed very cute. they have their own characteristics too. i think they are all sweethearts regardless. may ampon din kaming cats. kaya nagsimula sila dumami dahil doon actually. 😀

  6. You have over 20 cats? Oh my I think I would rather listen to Justin Bieber! I’m glad that you have a comfort item that helps you in bad times! Both puppies and kittens are cute but still, not for me!

  7. I love cats too!! they are so addictive! they purr and purr and look ever so content when you pick them up and take them for a stroll

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