Empty Memories

After You

The rain fell earnestly as I go back to

the door that opened the room I had left

for so long, for fear and uncertainty.

I cannot see you.

There is nothing here but empty spaces,

and I let out a small sigh,

both of frustration and satisfaction. You had

always been my despair and my delight.

The silence, and coldness, that I see here,

coming back now, wreathed around

me like a long lost friend, as I see myself

reflected in the mirror we put up ourselves,

tiny, and broken as the last fragments of the mirror

fall into a crash… and I see the real me

pretending to be strong, pretending

what happened was not real.


It’s been so long since I wrote poetry – if you can call what I do poetry. I noticed that in here, I pretend to write one per year. Funny.

31 thoughts on “Empty Memories

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  2. Really nice poem. I would like to feature this poem along with several others on my blog. It’s a once a month feature called Poetic License. September was the first month and November is filled however I would like to use yours in December (which is almost full), if you say it’s okay. October’s Poetic License came out on the 27th.

    My blog has a very unconventional name so you might decide against it, but either way could you let me know. There is only room for seven poets every and I already have five for December. You can check out September or October’s post first before you decide. Of course you will get credit and a link back to your site. Thanks Prinsesa.

    • tha name of your site is cool. it’s very okay with me. how did you reach my place? thanks for the visit. and please let me know when it is up. many thanks.

      • Good morning! Thanks, I will add the poem to December as soon as I’m finished posting this comment. I believe I found your site by clicking on a comment someone who wrote about a meme. I’m not exactly sure but I think that is how I got here.

        • alright, thanks. oh that is all i want for christmas. a christmas exchange gift between bloggers, haha. anyway, welcome and thanks for appreciating my poetry. looking forward to december.

    • it helps, but to me it does not mean my poetry reflects who i am. i stand by the rule that the author and the persona in a poetry are distinct individuals.

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